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Zambia’s DJ Bizzy Wizzy, Shares His Spinning Journey.

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Bismarck is a full breed Zambian disc jockey with several accolades such as winning the award for the 2015 ZAMBIAN MUSIC BEST CLUB DJ sponsored by Mosi lager,
Bizzy Wizzy was born and bred in Zambia and developed his passion for music mixes/deejaying as far back as the late 90s..
Internationally, Bizzy has made it big in South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania,USA and UK.

His popularity and talent has won him several accolades with the biggest being the first Zambian DJ to play at Channel O`s African DJ`s mix ‘OBOMA’ show in 2008.
Later in 2009, Bizzy mixed at the Big Brother Africa Show for Zambian sensational singer Jordan Katembula aka JK, during the musician’s performance at one of the eviction shows.

DJ Bizzy Wizzy’s list of awards can be traced back to 2005 when he won the Lusaka Sprite DJs Championship. The following year, he scooped the 2006 Best mixing Club DJ on Hot FM and concluded it up with the 2007 Championship Battle of DJ`s in Kitwe .

This interesting achievement has made him work closely locally and internationally in terms of GIGS with Zambia’s top music artists including JK,CHEF 187, AFUNIKA, GENERAL OZZY, DALISOUL, THE LATE P JAY,T SEAN,GENERAL KANENE, MAMPI ,INDI K, ROBERTO,MACKY 2, MA AFRICA, KAY FIGO, B1, OC to mention only a few. He has also played a major role in shaping Zambian Entertainment through major appearance at the Born n Bred Musical Video Awards in 2011 and 2012, and also by initiating a move to be the first Zambian DJ to mix on ZNBC Smooth Talk hosted by Innocent Kalaluka (Smooth IK)

His chain of clubs where he has played always has memories and traces of his great skills.
He`s played at a chain of clubs in South Africa which includes Alicats pub,club Moloko now called Harem, Bushveld lounge, Katjushas, Cantare super club (Monte casino) and Cafe De la soul. The other clubs Bizzy has Deejayed are Chez Ntemba (Lilongwe, Malawi), Bilikanasi night club (Tanzania), The Thatched house (London),Safari club (Leeds) and Josephine lounge(Atlanta Georgia,USA)

His addictive mixes attracted the attention of Africa`s top class Deejay`s that he has worked with such as DJ Chaiiman(Alicats pub),The African Mixer Dj Tabs (Malawi/South Africa), Dj Dino Bravo (Angola), Dj Waxxy (Nigeria), and Dj Blair Kim (UK). Others are Dj Goldierocks (UK), Dj Charlie Cool (Namibia), Zambia`s Dj Muzo Dollar and Dj Links, and lastly Dj Ace Nemo of Cape Verde.
Currently managing and playing at Klub Vegas night clubs spots doted around Lusaka.



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Instagram : Deejay Bizzy Wizzy

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