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Yaliwe Soko (Chairperson) United Africa Blockchain.

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Chairwoman of United Africa Blockchain Association, Founder Essence Crypto Consultants as well as United Africa Women in Blockchain and Devcon Scholar at Ethereum.

Ms Soko is one of the very few African women to be fully involved in the Blockchain and digital assets space.

She took up interest in Blockchain technology since 2016 and has worked as a freelance Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Consultant for an online investment firm.

With the help of her qualification as a training facilitator and assessor, she has been able to create a number of YouTube tutorials and has currently completed a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency learner guide for beginners.

She is currently an advisor for a number of projects. With a background in Finance and Administration, Ms Yaliwe Soko has served as a Financial Administrator and Operations Manager for reputable companies such as Oando Trading Limited a subsidiary of Oando PLC, Kuluvuyo Consultancy and Wellness as well as Blandford Africa and has sound knowledge of the oil and gas industry as well as corporate governance and corporate policies.





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