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Zambian Breweries takes local talent and achievements beyond

The most happening talent in Zambia is celebrated by the We Are Zed campaign launched by Mosi Lager this independence week.

The iconic local beer brand, brewed by Zambian Breweries, kicked off its breakthrough initiative on the eve of Independence Day with a star-studded line-up of the nation’s hippest talent  including boxer Catherine Phiri, pilot Besa Mumba, Jay Rox and others.


“Our dream is to bring people together to make a better world. Zambia’s 55th Independence presents a great opportunity to celebrate our achievements in promoting and growing our Zambian Brands to the globe while at the same time empowering our local artists to reach high global status through their talent,” said Zambian Breweries’ Brewery Operations Director Franz Schepping.

“We’ve been looking outside for everything dope, cool and world class. And for years we’ve been celebrating others who are no better or higher than the assets, resources and privileges we have here in Zambia. Truth is we have some of the brightest gems Africa has ever seen. If we don’t tell our story who will. If we don’t celebrate our success story, who will? It’s time for us as a country and one people to project some of the most amazing stories and gems we have here in Zambia.”

The campaign was sparked by a social media comment by Jay Roz, who said: “I feel like we’ve been looking outside the country for a long time. Funny thing is everything we are looking for, we have plenty right here. It’s high time we all learnt to appreciate our own talent. So many artistes doing the most and representing Zed. I speak not just for music but other crafts and skills. #WeAreZed”

The We Are Zed campaign launch was also marked with the unveiling of a new-limited Mosi bottle that showcases the great achievements and milestones accomplished with local talent and skills on the global fraternity.

“As the national beer that represents the true spirit of authentic quality, Mosi can embark on this journey because we are leading the conversation when it comes to showcasing the very best of Zed,” added Mr Schepping.

Zambian Breweries is a firm believer of supporting and growing local talent. The company has demonstrated this through its countrywide initiatives such as the Mosi Day of the Thunder, Mosi Thunderbeats, supporting local awards and its new envision Mosi We Are Zed Campaign that will appreciate and take local talent further.

“The Mosi We Are Zed Campaign and the Mosi limited edition pack represent the true spirit of authentic quality using local talent and skill while bringing all Zambians together to create a better country through collaborations.

“What is so special, unique and thunderous other than being Zambian? “We want everyone today to feel proud of being Zambian and celebrate 55 years of Zambia’s independence looking within to see the good things we have achieved,” said Mr Schepping.

As Mosi Lager  embarks on a journey; leading the conversation in showcasing the very best of Zambia, it urges people celebrating and drinking alcoholic beverages to drink responsibly and to not drink and drive.


Artists in TV Commercial:

  • Jay Rox
  • Yo Maps
  • Natasha Chansa
  • Mic Burner
  • Besa Mumba – Zambia’s youngest female pilot
  • Estelle Mantel – Fashion Designer
  • Catherine Phiri – Boxer
  • David Ngosa – Graffiti Artist


Music Video

  • Song produced by Mr Stash
  • Video directed by Kenny “Roc” Mumba
  • Musicians – Jay Rox, Yo Maps, Natasha Chansa, Mic Burner
  • Lyrics inspired by Mosi We Are Zed Campaign about looking within our country for the best of what we have.

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