Top 5 Conspiracy Theories That People Still Believe in



Conspiracy theories are, for a frightening number of people, the source of truth about world events. These theories explain events ranging from the results of matches popular at 22Bet to the causes of pandemics. Here are the most bizarre and absurd conspiracy theories, some of which we would nevertheless like to believe.

“Poisoned Water”

This is what conspiracy theorists call fluoridated water, who believe that fluoride is added to suppress the brain activity of the population or to compromise the quality of teeth. Today in the majority of developed countries fluoridated water flows in the water pipes because the content of this substance in flowing and drinking water allows to suppress the risk of dental caries development and reduces the risk of tooth decay.


They learned about this property of fluoride in the 40s of last century, when a group of scientists studied the teeth of children who lived in areas where there was a naturally high level of fluoride in the water. A study by the British organization Cochrane confirms that drinking moderately fluoridated water reduces the risk of developing cavities in milk teeth by 35% and in molar teeth by 26%.


One of the first conspiracy theories built around fluoridated water was a 1960s concept voiced by the anti-communist group John Birch Society. The leadership of the organization claimed that fluoride in water was a hidden chemical waste and was generally the intrigue of the Communists. But this is nothing compared to what began when the study came out about the negative effects of excess fluoride on the brain and bone system. Fluoride is really quite an aggressive substance, and excess fluoride is just as bad as deficiency.


That’s why all countries have strict requirements for fluoride levels in water and toothpaste (0.5 mg/L), which are monitored by the WHO. And even if you drink 10 liters of fluoridated water at a time, fluoride poisoning will not occur.

Aircraft Poison the Air

Another theory about chemtrails that has become legendary: according to the adherents of this theory, the occupation government sprays dangerous chemicals using airplanes to worsen public health or influence the weather. You can tell by the unusual condensation traces in the air. There is no evidence to support this theory, and condensation trails are man-made clouds that form when fuel burns due to high temperatures and equally high humidity. They may not disappear for long because of weather conditions, but they do no harm.


Scientists from Harvard have even produced large research papers disproving the chemtrails theory, but, as The Guardian reports, this has had no effect on the beliefs of the theory’s proponents.

Espionage With Animals

There are many theories concerning our lesser brethren, too. Among the most striking, perhaps, is the theory of the American Peter McIndoe. In his opinion, what we think of as birds are actually moults and drones needed to spy on the population.


Theories about the use of animals as vectors of artificially engineered diseases and other biological weapons are also common. This theory gained a new round of popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic after the story of the coronavirus-infected bat.


A longer-standing and equally popular conspiracy theory claims that the Israeli government uses animals to spy on the population and conduct sabotage. Adherents of the theory attribute responsibility for the 2010 shark attacks in Egypt to this program, and also cite cases in which birds were caught with Israeli sensors and tracking equipment (cameras, trackers). And although scientists explain that animals can be supplied with equipment with which biologists and zoologists can study and observe the migrations of species, the adherents of the theory are not becoming fewer.

Progress on Earth Is Created and Controlled by Alien Hands

You have probably heard the theory that the ancient Egyptian pyramids were built by UFOs or served to transmit information to extraterrestrial civilizations. But what about an even more modern version? For example, British conspiracy theorist David Icke, who studies the activities of the most influential politicians, develops the idea that aliens are among us, occupying seats in the ruling elites and influencing political figures. In his “revealing” writings, Ike argues that the Bush family, Margaret Thatcher, Bob Hope and the British royal family are either aliens or are under their control.

Pharmaceutical Company Conspiracy

The perennially hot topic of health also got a boost during the pandemic. The conspiracy of pharmaceutical companies is also attributed to the creation of artificially bred diseases and the production of drugs that are addictive.


Another widespread theory in the vast pool of the global medical community is the suppression of traditional medicine, healing and homeopathy. According to the adherents of this theory, a person can be treated on their own, with prayer, magnets, herbal infusions, visits to healers, etc., but the organizations that make money from the treatment conceal this information. The main character in this theory is Kevin Trudeau, an American “expert” and author of numerous books, including “Natural Medicines They Don’t Want You to Know About.” Besides writing a number of books, Kevin Trudeau has been involved in health care counseling, personal finance advice, and diet prescriptions. Because of that, he spent over 20 years since 1990, constantly responding to lawsuits from various patient and consumer protection companies, until he was sentenced in 2013: 10 years in federal prison.

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