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Cornel Bonito Cameron known professionally as Gillgahmeesh is a Jamaican rapper, dancehall artist, author, entrepreneur, and songwriter. He has been a sensation in the world of the underground music scene. One of the best kept secret in the music and fashion industry for over a decade.

Montego Bay, Jamaica born, Gillgahmeesh first began his musical career at Third Floor Records and put out his walk of fame debut official studio album in 2010. The album was released and gave a widespread buzz, critically acclaimed on the international dancehall hip-hop scene. Before this official release, he had released Street Bible in 2006, which he sold out of his car trunk in USA, Canada, and Jamaica.

He is artistically known as Gillgahmeesh; Guerilla Hustler derived from the Mesopotamian era. Sociologically he is a natural mythical human/half God, the inspiration of the name befits the aura of the King of Uruk, and it’s an addictive decorum.
Gillgahmeesh was born in Westgreen, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. His father Cornel Cameron was a police officer, and his mother was a Principal, both mother and father raised his two siblings. Norma Cameron and Mr. Cameron Senior was almost never home as he worked double and triple shifts to provide for his family. Gillgahmeesh claims in his music, he has been rapping since high school and hanging out in Blood Lane crack houses watching the hustlers, and, prostitutes, which, influenced a lot of his musical work. After graduating Cornwall College according to his lyrics, he was shot at and had to escape a near death experience by rival drug dealers he was only the get away driver in the life threatening incident.

His mother used to send him to piano lessons in his early formative years sparking his musical interest. He began free styling on Rolex international sound system and writing lyrics. His younger sibling, Chester and Gillgahmeesh used to listen to Stone Love Cd’s, Tony Matterhorn, Fire Lynks around rap, in and around the neighborhood. Cornel Gillgahmeesh Cameron went through a few musical aliases, Phila Unruly, Swagga Don, and, Nino Broun before finally being inspired by King of Uruk story and adopting the moniker as his own, he says the story reminds him of his self.
Music Career: 2006-2008

Before his first record deal at Stop Light Records, Gillgahmeesh sold Cd’s out of his car with Garfield Patterson and Jeffry Dee created Top Dolla Entertainment and Build A Vibes Studio in Bridgeport, Connecticut. With no distribution deal they went in and out of the tri-state or all the boroughs in New York. Street Bible with beats from K.E.M Studio, Spade Records, and Soul Fire Records. This helped to produce the album with guest appearances like Singer Mike, Bonez. The album was popular in record stores all over Tri-State, The Nooks riddim produced by Physc Ward Knowledge, The Single Debut: Gangster Party and “London Badman Step Out” sold over 5 thousand copies internationally out of his car trunk.

Music Career: 2008-2010 In 2010, Gillgahmeesh under Swagga Don alias at the time Walk of Fame boasts the biggest hit of his career at the moment ‘swagga dis, swagga dat’ (Club Anthem). His word plays and catalog lyrics working exclusively with “Track” producer at Third Floor Records. After the music video for Swagga Dis was released Gillgahmeesh renamed Track, that became “TrackStar” producer for ‘Hood Celebrity’ ‘Walking Trophy’ and Kemar Highcon “So Saucy”
Gillgahmeesh toured and promoted his singles such as “BlackBerry” and “One Life to live” produced by Jamie Roberts of U.I.M. Records.

Music Career: 2010-2012- Feud with Vil-digit and all other artist from his city. Gillgahmeesh spoke against the jealousy of the music industry, and claimed that he was not an artist but a hustler, He later went on to turn up his status splashing champagne and throwing money to crowded fans on stage bragging about hustling his way to the top. The campaign was set to drown out all his competitors. The hustling never stops campaign. Quoted lyrics, “If you don’t have money, breeze my ears, tired of people and their needy ways’ If you not hearing well then clean your ears.” ”Aggressive to the cash, I am always looking for the treasure anywhere its buried, if you not talking money don’t call my Blackberry.” He also did an interview with Seattle based producer Davis Production, and Lydia Sabaine, with songs like “oh, oh la la, whooo”…his initial success had drawn the ears of Russion, Marcus Records, and DJ Frass. When Swagga Dis, Swagga Dat reached Hot 97 Radio Station, Young African had sent the record to Bobby Konders and Jabba.

The song was premiered on the Sunday Show making Gillgahmeesh, the first New England Dancehall Artist to get such recognition. Immediately after, he flew to Jamaica to promote the single on the island doing interviews on Hype TV, performance at Marguerittaville with Tommy Lee, Street parties in Kingston and St. Thomas. His road manager was Iceman promotions, which, worked with the like of I-Octane, Navino, and many others. Gillgahmeesh was set to perform on Sting 2012 to be introduced on stage by Black-Rhino. An altercation and turn of events caused Black-Rhino to be arrested.

When Gillgahmeesh flew back to America to begin working on his next album, he was indicted and charged in a drug indictment sentenced to 4 years in Federal Prison. During his prison sentenced, his ‘One Life to Live to Live’ single was released under U.I.M. production, which did extremely well on the Radio spin and streets.

Chris Dymond also released Gillgahmeesh dancehall poetry, which, was popularized. With Gillgahmeesh in prison and no one to continue his musical catalog, the fans and friends wrote letters and visited him in prison; a few producers even went to visit and sent supportive letters and commissary.

Upon his release March 2016, ‘Greatest Hustler in the game’ He was deported back to Jamaica, and immediately did his welcome home single ‘Money making Nino’ single. The video was released 6 months later. The video brags yachts, mansion, runway models, and expensive cognac, jewelry. It tells a tale of the rise and fall redemption of a guerilla hustler. The “Set up Shop” campaign with no record label behind him, and his criminal pass has made every music executive skeptical about working with an artist with a tarnished pass. In 2018, Gillgahmeesh started Strictly Billions Franchise, selling merchandise. His singles are on Spotify, iTunes, and Google play. His new album, ‘King of the Port’ (world of cut throats) set to release 2020, along with his book about his life and clothing merchandise.

Future charity ventures 2018-2019 includes Deportation Repeal, Oil field C.E.O. outside rigging –Drilling for success, Orator at Boys and Girls Club, Clothing drive for Homeless, metal container for clothing drop off and upcoming podcast.

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