The Liv2Inspire self-development platform launches at the Houghton Hotel, making financial literacy fun, informative and accessible.

The Liv2Inspire self-development platform launched at the Houghton Hotel. The main aim of the platform is to equip the women of South Africa with the information and tools that will aid them in their journey to financial empowerment. The launch highlights the unstable economic times that the women of South Africa are facing and the challenges that accompany it.

Liv2Inspire is a self-development platform that is focused on getting the fundamentals of financial literacy right. Women need to be more insightful in the current economy. With higher levels of knowledge and skills, they will be able to participate effectively. Self-development is a lifelong journey and the team at Liv2Inspire firmly believe that self-development and good financial decisions go hand in hand. The Liv2Inspire initiative has been created to uplift and empower women through enabling them to make sound financial decisions that ensure they free themselves from financial disarray and despair. The Liv2Inspire initiative aims to be a platform that will help guide women into taking the first steps to their financial freedom.

One of the aims of the Liv2Inspire platform is to create a community of independent and financially savvy females. The Liv2Inspire community will strive to strengthen your self-worth and empower your life through giving you the tools to improve your financial literacy. Another aim of the organisation is to impart knowledge such as how to budget and save, how to start a side hustle, the importance of a side hustle, and how to get rid of debt, to name a few. The platform aims to educate women in a fun and enigmatic way that will help dismantle perceptions about financial literacy

Financial literacy can be the most effective way to driving financial inclusion in South Africa. The Liv2Inspire Founder, Olivia Hutton believes that  financial education can play a vital role in a woman’s life. Having the right advice available to you can change the direction you decide to take and that is why knowledge is power.



For more information on the Liv2Inspire initiative, follow @liv2.inspire on Instagram and @Liv2Inspire on Facebook.

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