The Housewives of the North Pole

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Reviewed by tikitim-76520  8 / 10

Corny but a feel good holiday film

I actually had low expectations going into this. Admittedly I wanted to see Kyle Richards because I am a fan. She had such a small part in Halloween Kills and I wanted to see her carry a movie. I thought she did very well and the movie was exactly what one would expect. Was it corny, predictable, and syrupy sweet? Yes it was. But it was very entertaining and I actually liked it. It was just a fun light-hearted movie for the family.

Reviewed by mrjeffmoore  9 / 10

Great fun!

You don’t have to be a fan of the Housewives shows to enjoy this movie, (although if you are there are some fun little cameos scattered throughout). This is just an enjoyable Christmas movie that doesn’t necessarily follow the whole “Hallmark” cliches. Two best friends basically begin to fight and compete with each other over who’s house will win the town decorations contest. Meanwhile their children (who are now young adults) begin to fall in love. And a newspaper reporter begins to follow the women and report on their drama. That’s about it. But Kyle Richards was really funny playing the town drama queen. And if you DO follow the Housewives, you’ll recognize a few of them playing the townspeople spreading gossip about the ladies. Don’t think too hard on this one. Sit back with a glass of rose and enjoy!

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Reviewed by lynziloowho  10 / 10

Very cute!

I don’t watch stuff like this normally but I’m a big fan of Kyle. I was so impressed by her and literally everyone else and it just had me giggling the whole time!! Loved the little housewives cameos too.

I’m going to have my mom watch it. We need something to watch together 🙂

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