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The Gospel Truth This Easter With Racheal, Abel & Ntokozo

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In an Ideal world during Easter people go to church and hold get-togethers with family and friends. But, this year, things are different.

The coronavirus pandemic is at its peak in most countries and fear has clasped societies as we approach April 12th Easter Sunday. Everyone will be expected to maintain social distancing on the holiday and not celebrate in their traditional ways.

In the midst of such a global pandemic, #StayHome with Hype Magazine Zambia easter edition and read about the spiritual journeys and the message of hope and victory from well-known gospel singers, South Africa’s Ntokozo Mbambo as well as Zambia’s Racheal Nanyangwe Kabeba and Abel Musuka Chungu.


“I am using every platform within my reach to spread a message of hope and also sensitize people about the pandemic
I have worked on a song of hope to be released this month , and my prayer that someone will be encouraged in this trying times being faced by the entire world.”

Gospel songstress Racheal Nanyangwe was was only nine years old when she started illuminating the Gospel scene. The Copperbelt province Chingola-born songstress came into prominence while appearing on Zambia’s first-ever M-Net Pop Idols in 2003.

An eventual winner of the renowned singing competition and an all-time fan favourite, Racheal’s riveting vocal ability and powerhouse range has seemingly kept her at the forefront of the Gospel industry, at the top of her game, and on a winning streak. She has stopped at nothing to let her voice be heard, passionately and compellingly delivering the word of God time and time again.

Rachealmusic, as she is known now, has released 3 albums and one live DVD, her debut being Ulukuta which was released in 2006, her second was Nu chapter in 2009, the live DVD in 2014 entitled Racheal and the Elect and her recent being ‘Christ Revealed’ in 2018.

Rachealmusic has received nominations and won awards in various categories including Ngoma award Best female artist of the year 2010 and best Female Gospel song of the year at the 2019 Kwacha Music Awards.

Rachealmusic has shared the stage with Gospel heavyweights like Rebecca Malope, Benjamine Dube, Don Moen, Uche, and Esther Wahome.
Rachel has performed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.
She has ministered in Central, East and South Africa, Australia and Europe.

Rachealmusic was born in 1986, on March 24th, after her primary and secondary education, she later studied management in tertiary education and currently pursuing a degree in Theology at Trans – Africa Christian University.

Rachael got married in 2010 and has two children with her husband who is a producer & sound engineer and owner of Tyme Lyne Entertainment Limited, Edwin ‘NyNo’ Kabeba.

Now residing in Lusaka, Rachealmusic and her husband run ‘the Elect Ministry’. The singer is also a mentor and she also runs an academy called ‘Vocal House’ where she does vocal training.

Hype Magazine Zambia caught up with Rachealmusic, and below is how it went:

Hype Mag: Let me take you back to the year 2003, you are the M-Net Pop Idols winner, what lies ahead of you is a career in secular music.
Why gospel and not R’n’B or soul music?

Racheal: I chose gospel because I believe in the message In it, for me, it’s not just a genre of music, I am a born again Christian and using my talent to glorify God and reach out to others. It’s is very fulfilling and it one best thing I have I have ever done.

Hype Mag: How do you feel about your growth as an artist in the industry, at this point? I mean, that’s pretty big to move numbers like that in such a short time period with the single.

Racheal: It feels great to see people respond to a positive message

Hype Mag: When you started, how did you find the music platform when you were promoting your songs as gospel music against the other music genres that were selling in Zambia? Was it level? If not, what should be done today to change that since there is like a lot other upcoming gospel artists looking to break-through who could be in a similar dilemma?

Racheal: Well.. when I came on the scene, there were not many female artists in the industry, both in the gospel and circular, but I still had challenges because it was a male-dominated industry, I felt like I had to work twice as much as a male artist, also dealing with the bad seed in the industry that would take advantage of young female artists was not really easy but by God’s grace I survived and am really grateful to God because He kept and took care of me.

Hype Mag: You’ve maintained a great amount of success within the years you’ve been in the Gospel game. For any artist, especially Gospel artists, there is always that stereotypical expectation that the second album won’t do as well as the first or the third album won’t do as well as the second. Has that ever been a fear of yours? If so, how did you conquer that fear?

Racheal: From the human point of view, there is that challenge you pause to yourself because when you set a certain standard, you want to maintain it or do better but for me, the most important thing on every project or album I have worked on is to deliver a message that God wants me to deliver. And not just a hit album or song.

Hype Mag: God has really been taking you places, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom. You shared a stage with Rebecca Malope, Benjamin Dube, Don Moen, Uche, Esther Wahome. You have also ministered in Central, East and Southern Africa, Australia and Europe.
You also have taken home awards, In these moments, what were your exact thoughts?

Racheal: I give all the glory to God …
It’s all by His grace because He could have chosen to use anyone else out there but He chose me and am really grateful and humbled about that. I owe it to Him
Hype Mag: I can almost assume that being in this business has its ups and downs. You’re constantly under a microscope for everything that you do, people telling you what you shouldn’t do or what’s not right, how do you handle that?

Racheal: Being in the limelight is not an easy thing, almost everyone wants to have a say on your life but what has helped me handle the pressure is being able to understand my assignment, I believe that no one on earth was born for the sake of being born but we all have a purpose for which God created us.
We all have a purpose for which we are born and to be honest, in the early years of my career, I struggled with handling pressure but after really discovering my purpose in God, it has become much easier to handle it. Scripture clearly puts it ..to whom much is given, much is required, so even when challenges of that sort come I am encouraged by the fact that God would not give me more than I can handle.
On the other hand, I love to mind my own business and I love my privacy and so am very deliberate about what to put out in public and what I should not.
Am an African woman and my culture has taught me to behave and carry myself a certain way and I truly love it.
Hype Mag: In situations like that, do you ever want to use your platform to get your message and your voice across to your critics?

Racheal: Some things are better left alone and God fights all my battles, I will pay attention to positive criticism because it helps me grow as a person but for the opposite, I feel it’s not necessary to confront unless I really get the conviction to do so.

Hype Mag: Do you feel that the Gospel industry is more challenging for artists who sing music more on the contemporary side than it is for those who sing ordinary traditional gospel music?

Racheal: No, I don’t think so because the world is made up of different people whose music preference is different, regardless of the category you fall into, we are all relevant because we all reaching out to different audiences

Hype Mag: As RachealMusic, how do you want your music and your ministry to represent you as an artist and as a woman of God?

Racheal: I want my music to always reflect Christ and nothing else, music done with excellence, purity and point people to Christ

Hype Mag: What has been your greatest achievements, and why?
Racheal: My greatest achievement has been having a relationship with God because it’s from here where all things flow

Hype Mag: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Racheal: The policies regarding the music industry

Hype Mag: What do you think is the biggest misconception about gospel artists?

Racheal: That gospel artists don’t deserve to be paid
Hype Mag: What next for RachealMusic?

Racheal: Ministry, new song releases and more ministry
Hype Mag: During these times of the Covid-19, as a gospel artist and a minister what are you doing about it? What is your message to the world?

Racheal: I am using every platform within my reach to spread a message of hope and also sensitize people about the pandemic
I have worked on a song of hope to be released this month, and my prayer that someone will be encouraged in this trying times being faced by the entire world.

Hype Mag: Thank you for your time, Racheal, we hope to be among the first to get that song so that we can help spread the message.

Catch Racheal on her social platforms:

Instagram: Rachealmusic

Twitter: Rachealmusic

Facebook: Rachealmusic

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