The Gospel Truth This Easter With Abel, Racheal & Ntokozo

In an Ideal world during Easter people go to church and hold get-togethers with family and friends. But, this year, things are different.

The coronavirus pandemic is at its peak in most countries and fear has clasped societies as we approach April 12th Easter Sunday. Everyone will be expected to maintain social distancing on the holiday and not celebrate in their traditional ways.

In the midst of such a global pandemic, #StayHome with Hype Magazine Zambia easter edition and read about the spiritual journeys and the message of hope and victory from well-known gospel singers, South Africa’s Ntokozo Mbambo as well as Zambia’s Racheal Nanyangwe Kabeba and Abel Musuka


“Being a Christian is not being a church goer. Its about a personal relationship with God. I think alot of people are either following an individual be it a prophet or pastor and others are just downright put off by the charades. In all of this the Christ is forgotten. The epitome of what Love really means. I hope you can know Him.”

Abel Musuka Chungu is an award-winning, r&b and gospel singer, songwriter, actor and comedian based in Lusaka Zambia. Abel Was born on July 11th 1985.
Abel did part of his schooling abroad finishing college education in Oklahoma in 2009.
Abel a husband and a father of two children has received several nominations and won several awards including Best Gospel Album, Best Male Gospel Artist and Best RnB album at the 2015 Zambia music awards, Ngoma award for Most Outstanding Comedian in 2019 and best RnB song at the 2019 Kwacha Music Awards.

Abel who has furthermore won 2018 Humanitarian of the Year is a member of the Award-winning group of musical and inspirational artists Lota House which comprises artists such as Tio, Pompi, Mag44 and Izrael.

Abel currently serves as an ambassador for the Kayula Childhood Cancer Foundation. Making strides to help inform the public on how to best to fight childhood cancer and also raising funds for the organization which works as a shelter for underprivileged families with cases of Childhood Cancer. Abel serves as an ambassador for Face of a Child Foundation. This is an Orphanage that houses 28 Children, there are 15 boys and 13 girls in number. Our oldest is 18 and our youngest is 6 months old. it also has a school to serve the children of the community and a clinic which gives free medical aid. Skills classes are also being provided for mothers who come from abused marriages or are HIV-positive.

Hype Magazine Zambia caught up with the multi-talented Abel to talk about all the success and what’s to come, including a recent new Zuba acting role.
Check out our full interview here:

Hype Mag: Tell us about the moment when you decided that music was something that you wanted to do with your life.

Abel: I’ve loved music from age 13 when my brother took me into a studio. I tried a few times to break out but it just wasn’t the right time. My first album was actually done in 2007 but I guess God other plans. In 2012 i released my first project and its been the journey from then.

Hype Mag: Did you have any other outside/additional aspirations, maybe even completely away from music when you started off as a gospel artist?

Abel: My first job was on a TV show for a soapy. I felt something to do with acting would be great. I my first experience at that just recently and the reception was great. I guess i was baking my talent.

Hype Mag: How did it feel like when you were recording your first album “Worship of the Love Revolutionary” in 2012 and how was the response to the album?


Abel: It was hard. Took us 3 years to finish. We hadn’t done anything like it and my producers Ian and Magnus (Mag44) were doing their best to capture what was in my mind. One time i told them we stop for a month just to take time to pray. When we came back it took us 2 months to finish. All the sounds we wanted were there and ready. A lot of people thought I wasn’t Zambian when it came out. I guess that’s a plus.

Hype Mag: Your music offers a very unique and contemporary sound. How have you managed to consistently stay true to gospel and RnB and to yourself and your artistry while also not being afraid to sort of push the envelope, musically?

Abel: I learnt Early that Gospel is not a sound but the message. The sound could be anything I wanted it to be but the message needed to stay true to the Source material.

Hype Mag: What could the Gospel community be doing more of to help bring people together?

Abel: By bringing people Together. In Mathew 9 Jesus eats with Tax collectors and sinners at Mathews place. The Pharisee are angry at this. Focusing at who’s around the table but missing the reason they all came. Jesus was the reason. Preach Jesus and allow people to know Him for themselves.

Hype Mag: On a more serious note, are you happy with the current state both R&B and Gospel?

Abel: I’m currently the chairman of the board for Zambia Music Copyright Society (Zamcops). My concern is for the entire industry as a whole to grow.

Hype Mag: And, even more specifically, where exactly do you “fit in” when it comes to today’s current/trending sound-scape?

Abel: I’m a free spirit. I hate being bound by genre. I enjoy being unpredictable.

Hype Mag: What do you want people to get from your music?
Abel: The Truth. There’s a lot of depth in it and I feel people often only scratch the surface.

Hype Mag: How has not only the music industry itself, but even more-so you as an individual, either changed and/or evolved since your whole inception into music?

Abel: They say Fame or money doesn’t change you but how people treat you. Sadly this is a reality. Im more guarded. Less friends but see the bigger picture in Gods plan.

Hype Mag: You have been everything in the entertainment industry, your recent being the role in Zuba, at this point in your life right now, how would you describe your journey?


Abel: Haha not everything as such. I think every time they think they figure me out i switch the script. I don’t know really. Its an adventure with God and I’m enjoying the ride.

Hype Mag: As artist like yourself who has been doing this for many years, who has gone through the ups and downs and ebbs and flows that come with longevity, what keeps you motivated even when others may be whispering that it’s time for some new voices?

Abel: Confident expectations of better things. I’m not here forever but i can’t be at the same place forever. I adapt and give room for growth.

Hype Mag: You have been nominated for so many awards; you’ve won a lot of great awards and you’ve had a Iot of great successes in your career. How does it make you feel to know where you started out and to see where you are now?

Abel: I don’t feel much change cause My goal is the vision. Every stage has its own challenges. I’m learning new things that keep me humble.

Hype Mag: To date, what has been your greatest career achievement(s), at least thus far anyway?

Abel: Career wise would be the Humanitarian Award for my philanthropy. Least would be when I went through depression.

Hype Mag: Is there anything I left out, or just plain forgot to Career-wise would like to share with our readers.

Abel: Nope

Hype Mag: As for the immediate, what’s next for you, Abel?

Abel: Working on my next album. Cant wait for all to hear it.

Hype Mag: Final question, Hype Magazine Zambia is a music and entertainment magazine, not a Gospel or Christian magazine, Our readers may not necessarily be Christians or even religious for that matter, but they respect Abel Chungu Musuka as an artist, a person and as a musician. That said, what kind of guidance would you give someone like that towards your beliefs, your message and towards that love for God?

Abel: Being a Christian is not being a church goer. Its about a personal relationship with God. I think alot of people are either following an individual be it a prophet or pastor and others are just downright put off by the charades. In all of this the Christ is forgotten. The epitome of what Love really means. I hope you can know Him.

Check out Abel on social media:

Twitter: @AbelMusuka

Instagram: @AbelChungu

Facebook: Abel C Musuka

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