The Addams Family 2

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The Addams Family 2


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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle  6 / 10

still love the characters

Morticia and Gomez are taking the family on a road trip and Wednesday is not happy. She had a bad science fair run by famed scientist Cyrus Strange who now claims to be her biological father in a switched-at-birth accident.

I do love these characters but I also wonder if most of that love comes from the live action version. I do wish that they use some of the live action actors for the voices. As for this story, it’s good to center it on Wednesday but it does make the rest of the family more like supporting characters. The better drama is probably Wednesday being kidnapped and the family working to rescue her. For this movie, the middle meanders around. They go to Niagara Falls instead of Salem. It’s not the best choice. It seems to be trying to be Vacation or something. It’s not really that good but I still love these characters.

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Reviewed by lee_eisenberg  5 / 10

pretty much what I expected

Outside of the main plot, “The Addams Family 2” is pretty much what I expected. No masterpiece, but nothing terrible. Worth mentioning that there are some jokes that only adults will understand.

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