Tendai Marowa, The Unpredictable Queen

Tendai Marowa, originally from Zimbabwe based in Gauteng Johannesburg. A fashion creative , former Miss Cosmos 2012 -2013 , former National Mentor For Miss Cosmos South Africa & Founder Of The Legacy Of True Beauty. 

Officially Ms Cosmos Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 2022-2023 presenting her country for the International Competition but also she’s also the brand ambassador for the Cosmos Pageant International in opening a platform for other Zimbabwean candidates that would like to participate in the competition.

She believes in opening space for other women to gain experience and find themselves as the beauty pageant industry in her country has been neglected and it’s time we rise up and embrace the Zimbabwean beauty and brains.

She’s currently also merging her fashion experience, brand consultancy, leadership education and creative flare with Tiaan Nagel Luxury Clothing Brand Team including community service, mentorship of younger creatives .

She’s also the brand ambassador for ” end girl hate ” Bringing Women Together

Born out of the need to simply encourage women and girls to start supporting one another. The movement spread so fast within two years, that we’ve had to extend our branches globally beyond the borders of just South Africa, welcoming End Girl Hate Botswana and End Girl Hate Canada.

Including Influencer for a South African based non-profit organization that reaches out to communities and lends a helping hand.

Our projects are solely funded by generous donations. These donations help us attain our goal of really changing the lives of women and young girls.

We got the opportunity to get to chat to this dynamite Queen about her Journey within the beauty pageant industry and creative space :

The First Black African  delegate to be crowned Miss Cosmo 2012/13.

It was an overwhelming experience for me as I wasn’t expecting to win the title but I’m grateful for the opportunity, it really opened my eyes to see things differently .

My journey has been about continuous learning which leads to continuous improvement and leading by example. Being crowned the queen of the pageant, one has to be vulnerable and willing to learn and do more for others in the best way that impacts and inspires the community to be better.

I wants to see more African women be part of this pageant. Being an African woman there’s so much to celebrate and embrace for our Africanism . “ITS OUR TIME ”

Tell us about your journey to the Ms. Cosmos 2022 competition.

I’m currently in the stages of preparations through self development ,one on one session with my pageant coach which is crucial to me as I haven’t been in the game since 2013 . I’m grateful for The Legacy team & My pageant coach, Merv Mervin , who is helping me find my voice because it’s a lot that comes with preparing for the competition. It’s not the exterior but one’s internal being which needs to be nurtured and both are important for one to be able to bring their A-game for the competition.

What was the inspiration behind entering the competition?

The inspiration for was the lovely young ladies I mentored from the Miss Cosmos South Africa 2021 going through the journey with them helped me realize: “wait a minute! Why did you stop? You can do so much more and open space for other African women like yourself to participate in the beauty pageant”. This is for women who feel they don’t fit in or have been rejected so many times and gave up. It’s never too late to find yourself again and rebuild your self into the woman you want to be .

The goal is to do it & do it again until you achieve the goal!


If you had to win the title, how would you use it to impact others?

By mentoring young women in becoming leaders within under privileged

communities/ rural areas as they aren’t exposed to the new cultures . I believe self development is crucial within empowering young girls to be who they are created to be in embracing their identity and confidence.

What’s your favourite book to read and why?

I actually have a few but my current one is Rediscover Your self Confidence by Rolene Strauss, our former Miss World 2014 . It’s an ultimate self confidence guide book for women who seek the courage and confidence to fearlessly chase their dreams.

What’s your greatest challenge you’ve faced and what encouragement would you like to give to other young women going through the same thing?

Greatest challenge is being undermined and constantly rejected in certain projects. It does affect one’s self are not appreciated at and move forward even if it hurts . The worst thing is hold on to relationships or places that burn you out and you leave you with nothing for yourself to give. The next thing you are left feeling broken down and have to amend the broken piece by yourself, which is a painful process. Essentially, go where you are wanted and celebrated. Simple.

As the host of Incite with Tendai, what are some of the lessons you’ve learnt from filming season one and what hopes and vision do you have for season two?

Firstly I want to thank the Incite Team for truly being part of the journey, this wouldn’t have happened without them . It’s been a challenging process but I got to learn a lot and the team have been amazing in giving their time and dedication, even when we were challenged. I must say it’s not easy building something from scratch with no sponsorship but it has taught us a team , that as long we have  each other we can execute the vision together.

We just completed season one and we will be showcasing the rest of the episodes on our YouTube channel ” Incite With Tendai Marowa ”

But season 2 promises to be more successful and seamless while keeping the momentum of consistency and hard work. We aim to be bigger and better as we are exploring more on the creative side – in terms of the styling, the concept, the script

EVERYTHING! Additionally, we have a surprise that we working on for the season ahead, so please stay tuned for that one !!!

My advice to future pageant queens who are pursuing the beauty pageant industry is:

A Crown will not complete you or make you happy . It’s simply part of the uniform of an elite group of people who are trying to make the world a better place.

It’s a symbol of the one who gives of herself, voluntarily, for the benefit of those who’s name she is called . Most importantly may we change the narrative within the beauty pageant industry by appreciating authenticity



Facebook: Tendai To Marowa

Instagram:  @marowatendai


Photography  : Flashed By Sanele

Designers From Botswana Sharon Taolo and kef Seddy

( Lesedi Matlapeng )

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