TDK Macassette, the Queen of 2021

Hype Magazine Zambia had a chance to have a word with one of South Africa’s best music artist  TDK Macassette, see below what she had to say.


HZM – When did you realize you had love for Music?

A while ago truly when i was still a PR practitioner and doing events

HZM – Where you inspired by someone to be an artist or you have a family background as artists? My friends specially Dj Cndo who’s very close to me.

HZM– What other music genre do you like?

Hip hop and yano

HZM – Have you faced any challenges due to the pandemic in your career?

Expect for the changes of the new norm, its been quiet tricky but man the lord has been there for me hay.

HZM -If it wasn’t for being an artist, what other career would you have taken?

An event coordinator and a PR Consultant.

HZM – Do you wish to tour the world in future and specifically where would you start?

The whole world specially starting from outside of South Africa like Tanzania, Congo, Lagos etc.

HZM – Are you someone who would handle critics in the music industry?

Yes i do it happens all the time hay. But its just a matter of how you take it, personally what makes you weak, makes you stronger

HZM -Who is your favorite local and international artist?

Local: The late lebo mathosa and internationally is Beyoncé

HZM – What are your plans for 2022?

Taking everything that is mine to the top.

HZM – What would you advise upcoming artist?

Never give up on anything you want to do and always follow your heart and never forget to pray and respecting your elders.






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