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T-Low: The Awakening

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Amos Chipasha otherwise known as T-Low BadMan ALahji is one of Zambia’s leading Afro Pop and RnB star who has wowed the music following fans across the country with his smooth and silky melodic voice.

T-Low was born to parents Amos and Vera Chipasha in the city of Ndola on the Copperbelt Province on the 2nd day of August 1992. T-Low graduated from Chifubu High School in 2010. In 2014-2016, he studied Mechanical Engineering at Copperstone University, Kitwe before majoring in Electrical Engineering at NORTEC in early 2017 and graduated with a Craft Certificate on 17th November 2019.
He kicked off his music career in 2012 as a song-writer and in 2014 he cultivated a desire to compose his own music as he felt the passion to write music became more of an addiction than an interest and this gave birth to his professional career as an artist and song-writer. T-Low does upbeat R&B because he feels in as much as sad moments will always be a part of life, relatable and danceable music helps to rid of one’s soul of loneliness and sorrow.

He delivered an impressive vocal performance on the Chef 187 Amnesia album track 11 titled “Complicated” he went on to compose the “Rewind” record on Roberto’s Superstar album.
And since then his career has escalated, he has been on an upward climb and has not looked back, he has poured out his heart and soul into hits after hits, which all have had a good feedback from the public.This has since paid off as his song “Because of You” featuring Mumba Yachi , won as the 2018 Best R&B Song of the Year at the Kwacha Music Awards. This year, T-Low scooped another one, Best Copperbelt Province Artist of the Year at the 2019 Kwacha Music Awards beating giants like 408 Empire, DMK, Dope Boyz, King Dandy and May C.

T-Low makes unique music videos and with a standard both on the quality aspect and creativity. His very first video which was released on 10th October, 2017 with Mumba Yachi is the same song that won as the 2018 Best R&B song of the Year.T-Low has been gaining momentum as an artist having worked with a couple of Zambia’s best producers like Cream Dollar, Yikes, Sir Lex, Reverb, Rich Pro, Paul kruz, Shinko beats, Ronny Prod and Vue smallz. He also credit his success to the several artists he has worked with like Jay Rox, Mumba Yachi, James Sakala, Cactus Agony, Wezi, Roberto, Macky2, Chef 187 and artists on the rise such as Jedi, Dark Knight, Phicshawn, Lady Vogue as well as International acts like Sangie, Fefe, Sonye and Tay-Grin.

No stopping this star, he is currently working on a double Ep project. Both are joint related, one with Zambian artists and the other one with a Ugandan artist named @Acramo and another with a Nigerian artist named @FoasterEbay.
T-Low has a few lined up achievements he need to acquire before he starts working on a full album. He has a level of height he need to build before his fans recieve the album.
He also worked on a 9-Track EP titled “THE MELODY
MAN “ a compilation which was rated by many media houses as an album packaged and made quite amazing figures of copy sales.

T-Low is currently in South Africa expanding on his network, shooting some Videos and promoting his works. He has also doing some shows and radio interviews.

This artist is worth listening to because he is on his way to become even a bigger superstar than he is right now. The heat is on and Amos T-Low Chipasha is one of the hottest Zambian artists in demand right now!

Social media handles;
Facebook: T-Low BadMan ALahji
Instagram: @Itstlowmusic
Twitter: @TlowstraY

Watch T-Low’s music videos here;


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