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Somizi appeals to South Africans to stay indoors

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Idols SA judge and TV personality Somizi Mhlongo has appealed to South Africans to stop taking the Covid-19 outbreak lightly and start taking extreme precautions to stay on the safe side.

Somizi shared his sentiments about the pandemic on Instagram, with a video in which he said he was terrified and called on ALL South Africans to stay at home if they didn’t have a reason to leave their homes.

“Yoh guys, I don’t know if I’m the only one but I’m really scared, I’m terrified, I’m sad. I can feel it in the air and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

“I just want to urge you guys, the joke is over, let us do whatever we can to help combat or conquer or win this war. Coronavirus is real. If you have no reason whatsoever to leave home, please don’t.”

The media personality also stressed the importance of taking safety precautions and not being ashamed of doing so

“If there’s a gathering you need to go to and have no choice but to go to, please don’t be afraid or embarrassed to really be strict about how you take care of yourself, protect yourself and others.”

Somizi explained he was staying home and not going anywhere besides the nearest grocery store.

“This thing is real, this thing is real. We’re staying home and we’re not going anywhere, we don’t have to go anywhere, I just quickly went to the supermarket to buy something to cook and that was it.”

Though he would love to be outdoors, Somizi expressed that nothing convinced him enough to want to be out and about during this time.

In conclusion Somizi said: “Please look after yourselves and each other, as well as those you care for. It’s never too late to emphasise the importance of really staying at home. I love you.”

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