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Around the world, community radio stations are slowly coming closer to home. The growing numbers and widespread remote broadcasting is allowing DJ’s and presenters to broadcast their on-air radio content from home. One such broadcaster is So Online Radio, a new community Urban radio station that’s dedicated to deliver timeless urban entertainment content from around the world independent from home-based studios.

The station Co-Founder and Business Manager Mr. Oscar Miyanda projects that home-based internet radio broadcasting will soon become the future of all radio broadcasting.

So Online Radio employs a basic home-based studio setup delivered via the world wide web and the station’s downloadable mobile app. The station guarantees some of the best broadcast audio quality sound delivered remotely on rotation by DJs and Presenters from home locations around the world which also features remote guests joining in.

Set up only in September 2019 and running on test transmission, the So Online Radio team remains remarkably supportive of one another even from their various remote location dotted in various locations globally, where they have made effective use of various virtual office tools.

The global COVID-19 outbreak has brought with it changes to how services are delivered. We have heard advice on social distancing and entire communities placed on lockdowns. According to Mr. Miyanda, he says that “since the media is considered an essential part of our daily lives, So Online Radio is not exempt.’ Mr. Miyanda goes on to add that “the So Online Radio team, recognizes the principles behind social distancing and the risks posed to DJ’s and Presenters moving around. We are proud to keep entertaining our listeners remotely from home in line with national health guidelines for which we encourage our listeners to also join us from home.”

It is no doubt that the media remain pivotal in informing and produce contents relevant to keep its listeners informed and engaged in the station’s broadcast throughout the lockdown. So Online Radio welcomes interested reporters, DJ’s and support from relevant individuals or organizations around the world. We encourage stakeholders to embrace the concept of radio broadcasting from remote locations during the time such as now where we should adopt social safeguards in place so we don’t spread the Covid-19 virus around accidentally.

Throughout the global Covid-19 lockdown, stations like So Online Radio will still offer news features with some music programmes bumped temporarily to allow for announcements or remote connection. This station aims to give good timely information while commanding that much needed feel-good community spirit need now more than ever, something the team does all year round.

As the station grows, So Online Radio will continue to use every online tool available to their disposal while maintaining an essential function as a remote media content provider with all respect to the need to be physically separated from the public during the social distancing and lockdown period.

The station teams will be practicing social distancing during interviews as it’s Media & Public relations Manager John Chisengalumbwe says “we are using a variety of techniques to include interviewing or featuring guests over the phone, over Skype and in some cases Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Live.” Mr. Chisengalumbwe goes on to say that “right now, we strongly encourage our DJ’s and Presenters to work from home, comply with health advice by avoiding public contact where necessary.”

It is indeed critical times for the media and entertainment industry, however, So Online Radio wants to make sure people discover the fun side of remote broadcasting that delivers the very audio entertainment that people might be missing while indoors.It may yet be known how remote radio broadcasting will unwrap amid the Covid-19 outbreak, however, So Online Radio is surely ahead of time and you can join this broadcaster via the So Online Radio app available on all mobile devices and DAB/Internet radio sets.

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