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‘So Sick’ Steve Mwanda, Hip Hop Artist, Poet, Actor, Voice Over Artsist And Radio Presenter Got Game

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Steve Mwanda N’cube popularly known as “So Sick” is a Hip hop artist, Poet, Actor, producer, Voice over artist and Radio Personality. In all these mediums he reflects an art that exudes confidence which is rarely seen or heard in modern day Zambian media. His hip hop lyrics are poetic and mind engaging mostly talking about his childhood and his struggles with maintaining a good head on ones’ shoulders. His radio persona is raw and honest and is not afraid to laugh at himself by sharing parts of his life that most people would deem private and embarrassing making that audience that has low self-esteem issues trust and relate with him. His wit and intelligence and energy execution of his craft is both engaging unpredictable and spontaneous in the most entertaining way.


“So Sick” is a name that is sometimes misunderstood but I think the mystery or question marks surrounding the name makes people interpret it the way they want therefore making it relevant to them. His older sister died from HIV/AIDS in 2003 and it hit me pretty hard especially that even on her death bed she was not willing to admit to everyone what was really going on with her. This struck a nerve deep inside him and he realized how stigma is killing so many people in society. This gave birth to “So Sick”, the cool, outspoken guy that is telling you that it’s alright if you’re not well and it’s been the core of the personality ever since.


He has been doing music for a while now but his recording career started in 2004 with hip hop that the Copperbelt had never heard before influencing a lot of the hip hop artist that we have in the mainstream to date. My first radio stint came almost by accident as I heard of a radio station opening on the Copperbelt and a longtime family friend thought I should give a shot. Little did I know it would become my passion. Flava FM was born and I was privileged enough to be trained by a seasoned radio and club DJ Chishala Chitoshi popularly known at Geshgroove. He instilled professionalism and his vast experience will forever be the reason why So Sick is who he is in his craft.He has been Master of Ceremonies for International acts like Liquid Deep, DJ Cleo and Professor of South Africa and most recently Sauti Sol is a Kenyan afro-pop band formed in Nairobi by vocalists Bien-Aimé Baraza at the MTN Colourfest ever.


He has been part of the Committee that organized the KWACHA MUSIC AWARDS which celebrated Zambian Music on Radio for three years straight and very proud that it has become the BIGGEST award show in our Country. The whole event was technically engineered by local Zambians which was a milestone in the Zambian entertainment industry, as the common way is to outsource from international media companies.


He released a single called “Kukalale” with my longtime friend Mutale Mulenga in 2009 which stayed on Radio Phoenix charts for 10 weeks and spurned a new sound in hip hop in Zambia which was the fusion of Kalindula and hip hop. This sound made hip hop in our Country relatable and more widely accepted by different demographics. Did many popular radio shows over the years and finally won for the Best Breakfast show “Sun Up Breakfast Show” with Kayula Chisanga in the Northern region and best Talk Show for the ‘Community watch’ at the Zambia radio Awards(ZARA) under the Sun FM umbrella.


Apart from being in the forefront in the entertainment industry I also do content and Sound production, producing audio adverts and programmes for different business entities.


I nurture former street kids in the art of rap while spearheading their education with the Sun FM platform. I have also been passing on some of my experience radio wise to the new crop of presenters while working on establishing a media company with Taurai Mckenzie. Have also been in the studio working on my first album despite being in the industry for such a long time while hosting/master of ceremonies services for product launches, weddings, birthdays and a TV show currently in the pipeline.


My hash #SoSicKSaysSo has become my brands identifying factor for freedom of speech and freedom to be yourself basically who you are. This is represented by a caricature of myself which asks people to not take life too seriously. A sense of humor is important in any situation. Laughter has never started a fight and its contagion is just a testimony to that.


I was born in Kitwe but have lived in so many places making it easy for me to fit into any crowd. I am currently working at Sun FM Radio in Ndola City. I have been blessed with two daughters and a beautiful wife.

I am a person you hate initially but will love for the rest of your life 

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Justin Chelsea Kambwili Jr December 5, 2019 - 1:18 pm

That’s my favorite Radio station DJ SoSick,
I love the way you are , it’s only that you don’t anything !
Am yo number one fan here in Zambia!
God bless you my Superman ,
Just continue with the same spirit,
I love you SoSick and Continue working hard Bro!


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