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Simphiwe Dana Says, “I am kind of a genius,” About Her Exquisite New Album,

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Simphiwe Dana’s New Album ‘Bamako’ Lays Bare Her Musical Ingenuity. The Album is an Afro-fusion extravaganza featuring the legendary Salif Keita.

Simphiwe Dana is without a doubt, one of South Africa’s very best musicians. With over a decade in the music industry, Dana has shown her tremendous versatility, mastery of her craft and originality without wavering. There’s a reason why Dana has often made her fans wait for long periods of time between album releases. Each album and project has been better than its predecessor.

What has made Dana stand out head and shoulders above her peers has been her ability to comment on the human condition and experience in all its complexity. From addressing the political climate of the country and constantly shining a light on the inequalities of South African society to showing vulnerability by sharing with her fans some of her own personal challenges, Dana has more than earned her stripes as a musician.

She’s given South African timeless hits such as “Ndiredi”, “Inkwenkwezi” and “Bantu Biko Street” as well as collaborations with some of the greats.
Her latest 13-track album titled Bamako is no different. Largely influenced by the time she spent in Mali’s capital city of Bamako, the album is an Afro-fusion extravaganza with an old-school feel to it.

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