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Shona Ferguson to Connie: You are my rock sharp fede van toeka af

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South Africa’s favourite couple and owners of Ferguson Films, Connie and Shona Ferguson remain unshaken even in the midst of all the negative comments on social media about how they run their company.

Instead, they focus on the positive things by making sure they keep the spark in their marriage alive.

Shona took to Instagram recently to gush over his wife Connie, posting a heartfelt message that will give you goosebumps.

“I call her the blueprint. This is the face of consistency, the definition of strength and humility. You are power and [the] undisputed queen of television. My rock from day one sharp fede van toeka af. Ntlogele sane ke bolaile, Leave me alone brother, she is the one. #Nuff #OftenImitatedNeverDuplicated #BornWithIt #GaOferoga SebeteTlhatsa #TheQueen #MrsSho.”

The lovebirds are not shy to declare their love for one another and now and then flaunt their love for each other on social media.

Connie also wrote a sweet birthday message to her smile keeper. In it, she praised him for being a good husband, father to their children and the coolest grandfather to their grandson.

“To the most humble, most faithful, most loving, most giving, most hardworking and most fun person I know, the love of my life. You are a good father to my children and coolest grandfather,” she wrote.

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