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With the current COVID-19 outbreak Beatrice Mabvuto decided to design face masks that were more personal to the client by creating a face mask collection which offers a wide range of style and design. I wanted to design and make face masks that were made in Malawi which offered the public choice according to the person’s style and aesthetic.
Fashion is such an important part in our daily life and it seems to dictate a large amount in what we do. I felt that by offering a unique selection of masks it will encourage more people to use them. I wanted to show the face mask in another way by introducing them in a fashion forward way that conveys a person’s style by giving you an

Hype Magazine Zambia spoke with Beatrice:

1. What’s the name of your brand? What inspired the name?

The name of the brand is called SCORPII CLOTHING. When coming up with the brand name I wanted a name that was unique and blended well with the aesthetics of SCORPII. I wanted a name that had an urban sound to it and was easy to remember. The name scorpii derived from the word scorpion so if you think of a scorpion as an arachnid you can say its strong, hard, dangerous, it survives in the hardest environments yet small and fierce just like the brand always adapting to the new trends with a strong sense of identity.

2. Tell us a brief history of the brand. How did it start?

I started the brand after completing my University Degree at De Montfort University graduating in 2015 with a Fashion Design Bachelor of Arts ( Honours) Degree from Leicester United Kingdom. I have always loved creativity so growing up in the UK I decided to take Fashion Design as my path of studies after completing High School I started with College where I took a City & Guilds course in Design for 2 years at Barnfield College in Luton United Kingdom and a BTEC course for another 2 years at Barnfield College in Luton United Kingdom gaining a BTEC National Diploma and a City & Guilds Certificate and then a University Degree from De Montfort in Leicester United Kingdom. SCORPII CLOTHING officially started in 2016 after showcasing at London Fashion Week with its first collection which was showcased in 2015. The brand was then established in 2017 and I showcased the second collection in Malawi at African Fashion Festival 2017, third collection at Mzuzu Fashion Week 2018, African Fashion Festival 2018 and 4th collection at African Fashion Festival 2019.

3. What have been the challenges and success stories?

The challenge of working within Malawi as a Designer isthe availability of fabrics, machinery and textiles. Because of these three points, you’re potential as a designer is limited when it comes to creativity. Personally I try my best to source items like materials within Malawi.
My success stories for SCORPII CLOTHING have been showcasing at London Fashion Week, being interviewed and filmed by BBC in 2019 talking about the brand and the day to day running of the brand within Malawi, my Knitwear designs for kidswear getting selected by a kids clothing brand in Leicester United Kingdom in 2012, my work selected and displayed for 1 year at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in Leicester United Kingdom, showcasing at fashion shows in Malawi such as African Fashion Festival and Mzuzu Fashion Week.

4. Where have you showcased so far?

I have showcased at London Fashion Week, Leicester Fashion Shows, African Fashion Week and Mzuzu Fashion Week.

5. Any future Plans?

The plans for SCORPII CLOTHING is to continue with the growth of the brand within Malawi and internationally, also take part in international fashion runway shows more often in the coming future.

Designer: Beatrice Mabvuto
Studio/Headquarters: Lilongwe, Malawi Area 12/260
Established: 2016

Social Media and Contact Details

Instagram: @scorpii_clothing
Facebook Page: @scorpii_clothing
Email: scorpiiclothing@yahoo.com
Whatsapp/ Call: +265 993 70 75 74

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