Radio personality turned movie producer, TBO TOUCH has released a first black produced movie, Blessers.


Blessers follows the lives of a wealthy couple, Jacob and Michelle Mofokeng, and their spoilt daughter Natasha. As a successful businessman whose family lives in a lavish way, Jacob’s trouble at work causes an unexpected obstacle for the family’s luxury lifestyle and in an attempt to regain their lifestyle, the Mofokeng’s begin dabbling in the business of blessers, which include wealthy clients recruiting beautiful women to accompany them to various events as their plus ones. As the story unfolds, secrets from each member of the family is revealed, leaving them to wonder if life could ever go back to how it used once was.
This movie addresses modern day societal misconceptions around women and wealthy established men.


Producer: Tbo Touch

Director: Rea Rangaka

Starring: Sonia Sedibe, Kenneth Nkosi, Six Nyamane, Carolyn Steyn and Connie Chiume (Black Panther).

Genre: Comedy

Premiered: 25 October 2019/ Nu Metro


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