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Quick Talk with Bigtril

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Roland Kaiza, alias Bigtril came to fame after his song parte after parte after parte hit the airwaves, Quick Talk caught up with him at Striker Entertainment studios in Bunga.

The six-five tall rapper is wearing a black T-shirt and a tatters trouser; he also has well knit rastas …. In his studio, Quick Talk finds him working on a song.

Hi! You are very tall, what’s your height?

Laughs hi, I’m six-five

Wow, you make me look like a dwarf!

Yeah! From today, those you intimidate with your height go tell them there are taller people than you.

Parte after parte after parte, where did this come from?

Laughing more heartedly you know Ugandans love partying… I think that’s why it became a hit song.


But more seriously, I was in the studio making a song… then I came across a 2011 video clip where Pr Sempa was complaining how Uganda youth like to party… I got it and that’s how I turned it into a song.

Simply like that?

Throwing hands in the air no! I added a lot of things … it sound easy but it took a lot of time and resources.

Give me accapela please

He indeed gives me his version without any instrument and wow he is talented but looks a bit shy

By the way, where have you been?

Unless you are not into music parte after parte is not the only song I have and possibly not the last.

… We have a lot of music in Uganda but most of the time we don’t have anthems ….children are singing the song parte after parte after parte, adults and the song is everywhere.


By the way, this was the official Nyege Nyege festival anthem … I had a performance in Jinja and people showed me lots of positive energy.

To answer your question, I have been in the studio for the past one and half years I have been alone and myself.

Other songs ?

I have bad gyal ting, (wanji), Batuwulira ft. Fille, pretty colours, goddem ft. Beenie Gunta, Awo among many others.

New kid on the block, how is the industry ?

There is a lot of cut throat competition, but moving forward is better and the record labels are doing great and the music is improving.


I don’t grade myself and I’m just label less … my brand is big Bigtil.

Man, your English is good…

[He is very fluent in English and has some accent]

Laughs …really, I read a lot…. I went to Turkish Light Academy for six years and mother tongue was prohibited so I did six years of English.

How did you start out?

I started with battle rapping… this is what we called underground rap we were always at Makerere University, Club Rogue and Nana Hostel …. It was one of those raps sessions that I hooked up with GLN Zamba who signed me at the Baboon Entertainment.

I was there for three years then moved to Xfm and now here I am doing music.

Oh! I see you have tattoos

As if he didn’t see that coming … like what! Even that one…. Yeah I have three tattoos….I have the eagle, clouds, mantra, and star for King David.

Eagle fly alone in the clouds, the mantra signifies knowledge and King David … he defeated goliath …. He inspires me taking on challenges (says with a lot of passion.)

What’s your sing tone?

Laughs … really … your questions ahaah shaking the head… its Parte after parte …

Ok, when not doing music…?

More music…

Now let’s talk love, are you married?

Sternly no!

Wow, all these ladies and your status?

Laughs …. To all ladies out there in the market, I’m single and searching

That’s a big lie

Ok, it’s tricky especially in our line of duty as musicians … people don’t understand us and always take us for cheats and can’t be with one woman…. Now I’m trying to concentrate on my music.

Can you date a musician?

Oh yes man, why not …excitedly

Who could that be…?

Ooh no, I can’t tell you (Quick Talk pushes) preferably Lydia Jasmine laughs … I’m just kidding

Any marriage plans?

Yes, once I find love of my life at some point …ladies there you go

You have some packs, do you work out?

Yeah! But I have not been working out for the last one month … I used to have six packs now I have four packs.

Do you know how to cook?

Thinks …yes… basically I cook for myself, I can cook all local foods laughs by the way it was until last year that I learnt and I can tell you I used YouTube and auntie Google laughs loudly

Shopping …

I shop from anywhere so long as something is good that is locally but I can also buy online.

Which perfume do you wear?

Shaking the head in a manner that what! Seriously…. anyway I do Boss and another one scratches the head …calls a friend who goes and bring a bottle ….its call Burberry … I like it.

Cheekily if a girl says you smell nice you are in the quarter finals laughs

How many pairs of shoes

Does a mental math… fails and counts his fingers … aah what a question … are you going to publish that …. Counts again 25 …. I’m a rapper…but I think I have more … about 50 pairs …. I’m not trying to brag around laughs. I also have many jackets.

What is your favourite beer?

Ahhh shaking his head I can’t mention brands but I can say a strong cold beer… don’t ask me my favourite spot.

If there’s one thing you would want to change in your life…

I’m what am and I thank God for that …

President for a day…

Brightens up… I would be party after party hehehehe

Which female MP do you admire?

Really … those are old women Quick Talk assures him there are quite many pretty and young …. I Nabilah (Nabilah Naggayi Sempala Kampala Woman MP) seriously will you write that… laughs



A rapper, producer, composer, song writer and piano player was born in 1990 to Esther Nankinga of Masaka …. He says he was raised by a single mother and they are four children.

He attended Turkish Light Academy for his O’ and A’ level before Joining Makerere University where was pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication only to drop out after one year.

Bigtril says he did not drop out because there was no tuition but he wanted to pursue his passion which is music.

By Just Lyatuu


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