One On One With Afunika

HMZ – When did realize you had love for music?
AFUNIKA -I have been in love with music ever since I was a kid. I could understand and feel the rhythm of music and sound.
HZM -Where you inspired by someone to be an artist or you have a family background?
AFUNIKA -Yes, I have two people from my family who inspired me. My late brother thought he never knew how to sing he was a great dancer and my father sang and played ( musical ) instruments in church.
HMZ – What other music genre do you like?
AFUNIKA -Pop, Reggae, R&B kind of and mostly rumba music. We grew up listening to rumba music because my mum was a businesswoman who travelled mostly to Congo DR and she had most of her friends visiting our house from Congo DR. My father liked listening to rumba music, my late brother also was dancing to rumba music so the house was full of some rumba music culture!
HMZ– Have you faced any challenges due to the pandemic in your career and how did survive?
AFUNIKA -Yes, covid 19 disturbed me and yes I was challenged because nobody knew what was coming. My movements were restricted, my career was shaken, the family was disturbed. I survived yes because whatever comes in life always has a way out to overcome it. I just minimized the things was used to and started maintaining what was new in my life and told my family to do the same.
HMZ – Are someone who would handle critics in the music industry?
AFUNIKA -I have been through a lot, my starting in music was not too good. Starting with my name, it was difficult for people to pronounce so they made fun of it. I have handled thousands of critics even in my worst emotional times I however know how to survive. Criticism is good. It can build you when you know how to handle it whilst bad at the same time because it can put you down if you lose control of it.
HMZ – What are your plans for 2022?
AFUNIKA -I am first releasing my 6th album (The New & Old) which will only have 12 songs. Am looking at crossing borders to see what other artists are doing and by the end of this year, I might work with someone outside Zambia. In music, we learn new things every day, every month and every year so I also want to learn more this year.
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