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Nigerian artist Tekno returns with his latest lyric, “Sudden.”

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The song which is a Spax production delivers a socially-conscious message that reflects current conditions in Nigeria that have been worsened due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The song uses an upbeat tempo to shed light on the current socio-economic situation, corruption and poverty in Nigeria,” reads a press release from the artist. “The singer and songwriter talk about how ‘all of a Sudden,’ the universal situation has caused the majority of Nigerians to plunge deeper into poverty and suffering, with nothing to eat.”

Though it has an undeniable heavy message which reflects the complicated times, the song also boasts a catchy dance-worthy beat. It shows Tekno’s versatility as a singer and songwriter.

It’s the artist’s latest release since “Kata” which he dropped early last month. Tekno told fans on social media that he’d be releasing new music throughout the quarantine period so that “they have something fresh to hear.”

Listen to “Sudden” below.

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