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KB surprises us with “My Diary 11”, and on this one, he enlisted Muzo Aka Alphonso Tiye PDizmo & Frank Ro.

Sequel to the successful release of “My Diary 10“, Nexus Music CEO & Producer KB storms the music scene with the 11th edition of my diary.” He recruits the service of Tiye PDizmoMuzo AKA Alphonso and Frank Ro, who shared their touching stories, while Neo did justice on the chorus with his smooth and silky vocals

KB uses this project to tell his story and brings different artists to share their stories without holding anything back. As a result, it’s been the most followed series in the Zambian Music industry; This is the 11th edition.

My Diary 11” has superb production done by KB (Killa Beats) himself.

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My Diary 11 ft. Tiye P, Dizmo, Muzo, Frank Ro & Neo – KB
KB ft Tiye P, Dizmo, Muzo, Frank Ro & Neo – My Diary 11
[Intro – KB]
This is…My Diary 11
Some people say I have an attitude
Maybe I do.
But I think you have to
You have to believe in yourself
When no one else does
And that..!
Makes the difference
And never use emotions in this business
It’s not whether you get knocked down,
It’s whether you can get up
Hey yo Frank Ro!
[Frank Ro]
Yeah Love, can you hear me now
Yeah wanna tell my story
Ye ichoka ku mutima
Yeaah Love…can you hear me now
Yea I wanna tell my story, written in my Diary
[Tiye P]
Mwana wa..
Yeah, look
Nshishile muno umuntu ‘wafulwa
But I think ifintu napitamo fyafula
Ndefwaya ukutasha Lesa I still have life
Since we talk and laugh, here’s my love life
Loved the Rap chick no mutima onse
Nshibukishapo inshiku tatwali bonse
She told me aleya ku sukulu ku SA
She came back with another ni**a baby what can I say
I was broken nge galashi (yea)
Nali mu room mulya neka panshi (yea)
Ndepishamo nge iyi life yanshi
I thought I had someone nali neka kanshi?
Ok, back to this music thing
Years back I signed a contract na Macky 2 (yea)
Mu 2010 album yali no kufuma
Cream Dollar calls me ninshi aletutuma
Ati, ‘Inyimbo shenu shonse kuno nashiluba,’
‘Na data takuli fyonse nafiluba..’
The Label never called to explain, eish
2011 I had to start my thing from scratch, eish
But Sancho for the deal Buggah
Though I feel like a Chef you don’t wanna see make it
The difference is I am happy ’cause Cheffy made it
Speaking of Cheffy, we used to be cool too
But apa tatulandalanda like we used to
He’s five albums in and I’m not on one
Sent a record for the R.E.D album that never came back
I give these ni**as love and I get hate back
Seen so many darker days I should hate black
Mwe Lesa abanandi aba tabangafwa
Mukabamona nga bamposta palya nkafwa
I have learnt through my mistakes..
Oh yeah…
I have learned who my true friends are lelo
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
You can love, you can hate but I’ll use that to write my diary
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
You can talk ,you can gossip but I’ll use that to write my diary
(I have learned through my mistakes)
(I have learned through my mistakes)
Kamufana ka ndalama
Since when is it cool to be fooled and keep quiet?
Tenzovimbata ma plago mu June milomo white
Nitasha mufana po nisanikila light
But pa dzina yanga ninatukaniwa day and night
Nobody saw a talent in me
Like a short dress, everybody used to act mean
Mulla heard me and said, ‘Here King..’
Banonachongo ni Slim Shady with a black skin
Go hard or go home, ani ya bus fare
You gat one bullet to blow kulibe ya spare
I’ve been through the pain you can’t bare
Ulubuli lwa mu Industry cimo nightmare
Nyimbo zenzo flop’a, na banzatu benzo’seka
Mumasobela fulu, pa video shoot uliko weka
Na ife tizakamveka,
Ba guy benzo’meka,
Sibangakupase connection bali na mantambo yocheka
Olo navala menso but ba boyo I can see them
Ready to cut them off monga ni circumcision
Why tubecha pamo nga sitili same mission
You wanna to bring me down like long division?
I saw brothers turning into black mambas
All the dudes I ride with nowadays ni ma Gangstas
Not on my dream, gonelani pa ma bunkers
Iyo ni fantasy…
Safe to say Hip-Hop is in safe hands
I feel blessed to have stayed long in this business
I make my weaknesses my strengths and my stregths, stronger!
Failure happens all the time, it happens everyday
What makes you better is how you react to it
Hey yo Muzo..
[Muzo AKA Alphonso]
Ndi mukali nga nshi
Incito nakwata kulabateneka panshi
Ebo mulumba, bemba pa nshi?
Icitemwiko kale nacikakila inkanshi
Ndi ncenshi, ndatuuka imbao ukucila pa bubenshi
Kuli bonse ifyo ndombako menshi
Gelo wandi apa aleluka menshi…
Mucili tamulampa umucinshi?
Nkanaka nga nafika ku nshiinshi
Pantu mwa, ine mwinshi
Mulilo nshi?
Nangula ni ncito nshi
Ingalenga nalaba ifyo nshi..
Lya inakile kwati mutonshi
Kuti mwanjipaila ku nshi?
Cilentumpika icandi kunshi
Ndunga inkece nga umulunshi..
Wa mbwa; mwikanjitapo lunshi.
It was great to have Muzo on this record
Under difficult circumstances…
But we did it
I wanna say this and I’ll say it again
Stop looking for friendship in this business
You won’t find it
You just find proper business associates
These guys who align themselves with you because they know they can get somethng off you
‘My Diary’ continues…
Another soulful record, you can vibe with…
***Courtesy of EdenArts***
***Created for PhoenixOrtu***
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