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End of the Road/


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller.


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6 / 10
TRYING to disregard all the obvious social “messages” in this…This was decent for the first half, act one. Where they are merely building characters.

Catalyst happens, act two….

If you have half a brain you INSTANTLY know who “Mr Cross” (The bad guy) is. Because of this, act two feels more like going through the motions. The repeated “mystery” behind Mr Cross is somewhat pointless because you will probably already know who it is.

The reveal, act three….

From here.. It’s exceptionally fitting that Ludacris is starring in this film… because it all gets so very, very, very, ludicrous. It almost borders on an unintentional comedy. There are too many logic errors to list – wild leaps that wouldn’t really be possible.

All the acting was good, the constant unnatural lighting was an odd choice… purple, orange, green, pink…. never just normal lights. Made it visually more interesting.

Overall it was an okay watch, but don’t really expect too much.

Regarding the “propaganda” aspect…..

I would say the “message” here of exceptional bigotry by white characters is not really a good message for younger audiences. Portraying all white people as racist is no different than portraying all black people as pimp, hookers, or murderous drug dealers — it’s simply not true. Ya can’t paint things with such a broad brush. While I don’t deny bigotry exists.. I’ve never seen it to the extent expressed later in this film. And to be perfectly honest, I think it worked pretty well in act one of this film when it first rears its ugly head. However, all the usage after that scene was pointless and didn’t add to the story in ANY way.


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