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The Journey Ahead/


Adventure / Drama / Romance.

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10 / 10

Holly’s best

A staple in Hallmark movies, Holly Robinson can be depended upon to give a fine and satisfying performance, but this may be her best yet. She is terrifically authentic here, acting with all the right edge, feelings, emotions, (sometimes) comedy, and genuine warmth that the variety of scenes require. It’s a natural and professional performance that you can’t help but enjoy. Matching her talents, is Kaylee Bryant, who is equally effective. They have a film chemistry that is totally believable and they serve the script perfectly.Kudos must go to writer Engman, director Hayter, the editors and the cinematographer. They have created a sort of unique Hallmark film wrapped up in an attractive and totally interesting package. The supporting actors are all very good, particularly the actress who plays Bryant’s mother. All in all, something different from Hallmark that really works well, particularly because Robinson and Bryant were able to carry it off.
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