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Nasty C & Rowlene’s New Song ‘I Need You’

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Nasty C and Rowlene have again teamed up for another touchy-feely collaboration. In “I Need You,” Nasty C admits he needs his lover after reflecting on a betrayal from friends and accomplices.
Previous collaborations such as “Phases” from Nasty C’s debut album Bad Hair (2016), “Sa MA” from his sophomore Strings and Bling (2018) and “143” from Rowlene’s The Evolution of a Robot: 2nd Generation (2018).

“I Need You” is a satisfying union of hip-hop and R&B built over swinging keys and a colossal bassline.

The song is part of the score for the South African Netflix Original series Blood & Water, which premiered earlier last week. Nasty C also makes his acting debut in the series which has been receiving great reviews and has been trending on both social media.

With “I Need You,” Nasty C and Rowlene make yet another compelling case why a collaborative album between the two of them would be a great idea.

Stream “I Need You” on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.

Watch the video below:

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