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Minnie Dlamini Hand Sanitizer

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South African TV personality, Minnie Dlamini has launched her own hand sanitizers, to help join the fight against the deadly coronavirus. The KZN beauty said, she will donate the first production roll-out to the underprivileged.

Minnie saw an opportunity to help flatten the curve during the coronavirus pandemic, with the launch of her own hand sanitizers.

She said: “With the emergence of the pandemic, we sought to steamroll the rollout of the sanitisers to help with prevention and further the efforts by government and other business to create access to them and promote hygiene.”

“We were very lucky to work with Diageo on this project who has been instrumental in supplying the Minnie Dlamini Foundation with R1m worth of spirits to produce the sanitisers. Our sanitisers have an alcohol base of 70%.”

The presenter also has her own skincare products called MD Minnie Dlamini. She also revealed that she will be delivering food parcels, as part of her outreach work.

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