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Meet US Based Zambian Musician, Vanessa “SashaV” Mumba.

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Born in Lusaka, Zambia and raised in Alexandra, Virginia USA from the age of 5, Vanessa Mumba Best known as Sasha V.  has dream’t of always being an artist. Watching her mother sing in the church choir inspired her to keep pushing for her goal. At age 7, Vanessa begun that process by enrolling in music classes, auditioning for school talent shows and joining her church’s choir.
At 15 Vanessa, hoping, willing and wanting a chance to one day showcase her talent to the world, she would often flirt with writing and bringing to life songs of her own in her brother’s studio, but she rarely ever presented her songs to anyone. Well not until she was confident enough in her vocal skills, that is.  As she matured, so did the scope of her dreams.
After Moving to Atlanta GA in 2009 Vanessa dove into the entertainment world  to demonstrate her many talents.  Attending the Art institute as a proud Fashionista, Designer & Stylist .  Vanessa is also a Television host, and aspiring Actress. From hosting red carpets to interviewing some of Africa’s top artists, dancers, actors and actresses, its clear that she is where she has always meant to be and becoming the person she has worked to be now.
Singer, Songwriter,and an all around entertainer, SashaV. , who was recently signed to local label BSPro entertainment allowing her to reach a more vast audience. Soon to be releasing her EP project (which has yet to be titled) with songs such as, Bingedrinking, Pull Up, and  Louder, while performing in places like Canada, Texas, Florida, California, Atlanta and D.C., opening shows for artists like Burna Boy, Kiss Daniel, Mampi,  MI, B1, comedians Wamilele, Elenu, McPc and many
She is proof that a person does not have to be limited to having only a single dream in life. Vanessa is hard working, focused, humble and above all loving. She knows she has a long road ahead of her, what she wants and that is a life which is from beginning to end a compelling, honest and emotionally satisfying journey.
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