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Meet the Upcoming DJ: Emmanuel Sizwe Mutanuka.

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Emmanuel also known as Sizwe, was born in Mpulungu, Zambia. He is a young youth with a huge musical drive, and this is just not any type of music, but feel-good music. At the age of 18 his into Oldies and he would like to share his obsession with this type of music to the world especially the younger generation. “This is the type of music that makes one feel really good the whole day, music such as 90s RnB with a little bit of funk”, says Sizwe.

“I am an upcoming artist with a vision of exploring the world with my type of music genre and meeting the people who inspired me to do this and also entertaining people who truly understand the true meaning of life and love, and fantasies that may come true, I plan to uplift this musical career through playing nothing but feel-good music to the audience who can groove to it the whole night.”

Sizwe has had past experiences when younger, of playing for an audience in a bar during the UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. Despite Liverpool’s loss, the fans response towards his music was undoubtedly phenomenal. Sizwe has also worked with Young Vick, a very talented young artist on a single titled ‘Sometimes’ which mainly talks about love and heart breaks.

He has set his goal to keeping the amazing oldies alive because they teach something to the youths unlike the modern type of music.



Facebook: Sizwe E. Mutanuka
Email: sizwemutanuka85@gmail.com
Sizwe Feel Good Mix February 2021
Young Vick Featuring Sizwe single ‘Sometimes’

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