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Making Steady Music with Mwelwa Ranice

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Mwelwa Ranice is a sophomore poetic Good news artist based in Solwezi, Zambia. The name “Mwelwa” is Derived from the Bemba Lands in Zambia which means Steady and Ranice means a good tune.

Born in Mansa and moved to the copperbelt, Ndola to be precise. Mwelwa first fell in Love with music at a very tender age.
Inspired by the likes of , Trina Namfumu, hillsong, Mary Mary, CeCe winans, Makoma, Heesun Lee , Angie Rose, Kelly Khumalo, Zahara and Fautuma Diawala.

She later developed the artistry of lyricism in 2007 whilst at Primary school and had been the brain behind every line on her songs.

Later on, Mwelwa moved to Solwezi where she decided to boost her passion for music and later joined a Gospel music band “The Unashamed” in 2014 and in 2018 got signed to Certified music record label as a solo act.
Being under the Certified music camp, she later on released a numerous incredible gospel songs that where highly acclaimed such as “Prophecy, Iyai featuring D-Drex, 24/7, Heavily protected feat. clay’n, one chance, je t’aimé, Overflow and countless number of features. Working with the acts of T-Rock, Clay’n, Energy mzed and many more
artists from Solwezi.
Mwelwa is currently working on EP titled “Ranice” translated as “Good Tune” which also happens to be the middle name of her first daughter “Maria Ranice Mwandila. In her words, she states “This is going to be a  life changing compilation to the listeners and fans.

So far she happens to run as the managing director and artist at Certified Music label.
Mwelwa Ranice is also working with an NGO called Grassroots soccer as a mentor for young girls.

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