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Born in Malawi, Lily Banda developed a love for music and film at a very young age. At 4 years she preferred to spend her days diving into the world of creativity, singing and dancing along to Micheal Jackson’s pop tunes or pretending to be Julia Roberts on the big screen. These moments would later shape her artistic journey.

She started to take to the stage at age 6 writing stories, acting in school plays , performing poetry, singing and choreographing dance performances. Her friends later ‘outgrew it’ and would snicker as Lily continued to perform through to her college years, they advised her to ‘grow up’.

After completing her college courses she told her grandparents who were sceptical about a career in arts and had refused to pay for an education in the arts that she had done all that they wanted from her, and it was now her time to pursue her dreams.

Working many odd jobs to cover studio costs, trading under the name Alex she released her sophmore offering ‘ ‘BLACK KISS ‘ in 2014. She continued to work many odd jobs saving up and investing in band rehearsals, and low cost videos. She went on to release 3 more albums, critically acclaimed ‘ODD HOURS’ in 2015, a double album with a spoken word collection ‘ORIGINAL THOUGHT’ and ‘JUST GO’ in 2018.

As an actor she plays Annie Kamkwamba in ‘The boy who harnessed the wind ‘ which was Chiwetel Ejiofors directorial debut. Together with Antonio Pinto she wrote 2 songs for the movies soundtrack, ‘A mothers cry’ and ‘lelo ndakwanitsa’ the latter which she performed. You can catch her playing Malian translator ‘Aicha Konate’ in Deep State Season 2 on FOX , if the intro theme sounds familiar, she lent her voice.

Lily Banda is also known back in Malawi as an events host, trusted with hosting 2 presidential events before the age of 27. She known as a State, diplomatic and corporate events host.
She has performed at Lake Of Stars & Tumaini music festivals, Seagal Family Foundation annual conferences in New York city (US). She was awarded an African Union youth hero award in 2015 and she is a 2 time 2018 Afrima Nominee in the Best female Southern Africa and the Most Promising Artiste in Africa categories.



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