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Lil Wayne Aims “High Grade”

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Lil Wayne has officially entered the Cannabis business.

Weezy who also has his own premium brand of liquor called Bambu has decided to broaden his entrepreneurial efforts by partnering with GKUA Ultra Premium to launch a premium cannabis brand. Lil Wayne and his partners are aiming to give you the best high of your life. The GKUA Flower is described as “love at first sight” and is perfect for the casual or first-time user as its strains are cultivated and sourced from the most experienced growers.

Lil Wayne is known as an active cannabis connoisseur and so it is only fitting that GKUA Ultra Premium products are tested and approved by him.

One of the best parts about this brand is that it is now available at select Los Angeles stores as a flower and concentrate, as well as vape batteries and cartridges. The roll-out of his cannabis brand in select dispensaries is just to give us a taste of what’s coming in 2020. GKUA Ultra Premium customers in for some special treats in 2020 when they will have the opportunity to get free tickets to a GKUA Ultra Premium private VIP Party with Lil Wayne & Friends.

The cannabis industry over the last decade has improved significantly where it has actually been trending. We have seen where companies have been opting to partner with celebrities and talk show hosts to bring more interest into the cannabis biz and GKUA is no different. Well truth be told, they are a little different as they celebrate culture and artistic achievement, by supporting artists throwing the ultimate Private VIP Parties, featuring once in a lifetime performances.

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