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In this interview, Hype talked to the EMPRSSNS® owner, Emmanuel about the clothing brand, challenges encountered while building a start-up in the fashion line in Zambia and his plans for the future.

Hype Magazine: Tell us about your personal and professional background?

EMR: My names are Emmanuel Mwila and also known as EMR. I am a Graphics Designer running my own company, Empressions Creative Works Limited fulltime for two years now. I have worked in the creative field for over 9yrs with agencies like Adlab McCain, GroundXero, Metropolitan Republic and Dagon Media.

Hype Magazine: What was the original inspiration/thought process behind EMPRSSNS®?

EMR: The thought process behind EMPRSSNS® comes from the need to identify oneself with being a unique individual (endividual). An individual that defies the need for validation being in a society that demands such to become anything or anyone in it. The apparel features seven arrows on the sleeves as a sign to keep pushing your dreams each day and a “0” at the back as a sign that you determine which position you play in life, and no one should decide that but yourself.

Hype Magazine: What are the major challenges you have encountered while building a business in Zambia?

EMR: I haven’t had a lot of unique challenges besides the common ones for any startup. But I guess in light of Covid-19, and the shutdown of most trade avenues for merchandise orders has been one of the most significant ones.

Hype Magazine: Have you overcome them?

It’s been about adapting to the current reality, and source materials locally which have been just as good.

What’s unique about EMPRSSNS®?

EMR: EMPRSSNS® is all about always believing you’re great before anyone else believes it – quote from JAY-Z.

Hype Magazine: What sets EMPRSSNS® apart from other fashion clothing companies in Zambia and what should we expect from your company in 5-10 years’ time?

EMR: Our vision is to make the brand grow into a community of diverse people who follow their dreams, value excellence and build alliances. We are trying to create a platform of various offerings for different seasons as more creative people come together and collaborate.
Not to preempt but this whole campaign is not only about fashion but it’s got other aspects to it which we shall reveal with time 🙂

Hype Magazine: How is your company helping to empower the local artisans you work with?

EMR: The creative agency wing of the brand is where this happens. And I can’t share specifics but it is definitely happening in the background.

Hype Magazine: What do we expect to find in your winter collection for May/June 2020

EMR: Hoodies snapback caps, and long-sleeved t-shirts and we may introduce crewnecks.
The Hoodies are definitely a big hit due to the diverse colours.

To find out more about EMPRSSN® check;

Instagram: @itsempressions
Facebook: go-empressions

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