Lady Gaga Tells Apple Music About New Song “Stupid Love” and Previews Forthcoming Album (Exclusive)

Lady Gaga checks in with Apple Music on New Music Daily With Zane Lowe to discuss her brand new song “Stupid Love”. She tells Apple Music “we are definitely dancing” and says “This was very emotional for me making this album and I cried constantly and I was writing poetry constantly.” She added: “There were so many different iterations of these songs because we all wanted it to be perfect and literally nobody cared who put their fingerprints on it, as long as it was the dopest thing that we could give the world and that it was meaningful, authentic, and completely me.” She also talks about working with Max Martin, BloodPop, and Tchami on “Stupid Love”, her goal for the new album, reframing the way you view the world, process, and how making the new album differs from making Joanne.

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Listen to the conversation on Zane’s show on Apple Music.

Audio | Lady Gaga Tells Apple Music About New Song “Stupid Love”, Working with Tchami, BloodPop® & Max Martin and What to Expect of Her Next Album

Lady Gaga Tells Apple Music How Her Learnings Informed “Stupid Love”…

“Thank you, I put, I put all those learnings into this album. I mean, the first lines of Stupid Love are, “You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for, gotta quit this cryin’, nobody’s gonna heal me if they don’t open the door, kinda hard to believe, gotta have faith in me.” Like, it’s right there, like, I’m with you, and it’s not easy, and I know everyone in the world has different relationships with love, but guess what. I’m pretty sure that when we all decide to be vulnerable, it’s really scary, and I think it’s very scary for a lot of people and there’s all kinds of laws and constructs and things that have built all around us and you know what? I really want to do and want this song to come out and I’d love for it to collapse as many of those walls as possible and people to be saying, “I want your Stupid Love. I love you.”

Lady Gaga Tells Apple Music About Working With Max Martin, BloodPop, and Tchami on “Stupid Love”…

“This was me, Bloodpop and Tchami, I worked with Max on this a little bit, I mean, he is-is an amazing producer, I’ve never worked with him, I’ve always sort of gone, I write my own music, I produce myself, I don’t need to work with Max, right? And I decided to stop being asshole, meet him at least – You know? And he has sent over, basically, I sang over a track that BloodPop made, who were in the studio, we sent over what I sang to Max, Max picked some parts out, sent it back to me, and then I wrote lyrics and used some of the melody that he chose, that he sent back to me and I kind of spliced it all together and then I went to his studio, and sat down at a piano and I played Stupid Love on a piano with chords. And I looked at him and I said, that’s what I’ve got for you, and to me, this song can only stand on it’s two feet, even with a great track, if you can play it on a piano and it still sounds like a hit. And he was-he was like, I love it, get in the booth. I warmed up my voice, got in the booth, I sang it, and what you’re hearing on Stupid Love is what we did that day. But I have to hand it to Bloodpop and Tchami also for, you know, just incredible production on the record and the amount of love that they wrapped around me every single day. This was very emotional for me making this album and I cried constantly and I was writing poetry constantly. And, but you know-you know what was really different, I didn’t question myself a whole lot. I don’t know, it was-it was so real and so honest that it was, I basically would write something out and I would just say it and it would take me not even four minutes to write it and I would just feel like this is what it is.”

Lady Gaga Tells Apple Music About Goal For Her New Album…

“We are definitely dancing, I mean like, I think the best way to describe all of the things that you just said is that I put all my heart, all my pain, all my messages from the other realm that I hear of what they h- what they tell me to tell the world and I put it into music that I believe to be so fun and you know, energetically really pure, and I want people to dance and feel happy. You know, someone asked me the other day what my goal was with this album and it actually sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud. But I go, I said, “I would like to put out music,” (laughs), “That a big chunk of the world will hear, and it will become a part of their daily lives and make them happy every single day.”

Lady Gaga Tells Apple Music About Making Her New Album and How You Can Reframe The Way You View The World…

“We made a lot of the record in my studio house. So I have a house where it’s-it’s Frank Zappa’s old studio, it’s a live room, uh, it’s a big studio, it’s beautiful. And I would be upstairs on the porch, outside the kitchen, and Bloodpop would come up and he’d go, ‘okay, come on, that’s enough, off the porch’, and I would cry and I would say, ‘I’m miserable, I’m sad, I’m depressed,’ and he’d go-he’d go, I know, that’s, and-and we’re gonna go make some music now. And then I’d go downstairs and I would write, you know, Stupid Love, or I’d write that lyric that I just told you to make another song, you know, it just, this album is such a display of not only how you can reframe the way that you view the world, but I promise, or, and I hope, that the love that was around me in the process of making this album is something that other people feel, that they know that artistically, like, you know how producers are, if one guy’s working on it, or one girl’s working on it, they don’t want anyone else to work on it, they don’t wanna share, they, everybody gets cocky, there was none of that. These records got passed around to so many different people, there were so many different iterations of these songs because we all wanted it to be perfect and literally nobody cared who put their fingerprints on it, as long as it was the dopest thing that we could give to the world and that it was meaningful, authentic, and completely me.”

Lady Gaga Tells Apple Music About Her Process…

“Sometimes you have to move your body and your spirit and your soul that really even access what you’re actually feeling and I was feeling so down so many days when I was, you know, before I went into the studio to work, and then I would go in and I would just, I, I would sit there with BloodPop and go, “Okay, I’m gonna open the portal, I’m gonna listen, I’m gonna talk to all my fairies.” (laughs) All the fairies that help me write (laughs) music and I’m gonna ask them what the world needs to hear. And then we would make records and it j- it turns out that they were happy and it, it was, I used to cry a lot in the studio because I, I would listen back to what I was singing and I would hear my voice and I would hear the music and it would be so joyful and I, and celebratory, and it, I would, e- essentially see the arc of my entire day.”

Lady Gaga Tells Apple Music About How Making The New Album Contrasts With Making ‘Joanne’…

“Well I-I think that it’s definitely that, but on Joanne, I was more in a space artistically of crafting something that, you know, conceptually all kind of went together, an album for my father, an album about the trauma of my family, an album about how we pass things on generationally to each other, you know, my relationship with men, it was like very specific, right? This was much more like, you know what, guys? It turns out, I just sobbed for three minutes and this is what came out, and this is what should be there. And it was so real and it was so, like, like, all my gears, all my musical bells, all my artistic thoughts, the way that I see music and experience music like a wall of sound, everything was just firing on all cylinders and it made me feel so happy because I thought to myself, wow, even when you feel six feet under, you can still fire on all cylinders.”

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