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Kela Dorcas, Designer And Creative Director At Maison D’adriel.

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Dorcas Kela Hasiciimbwe is a former model turned designer and creative director at Maison D’adriel (House of Adriel), who is also a TV show host, a French language tutor and also a national director for all pageants under Miss Lumiere Zambia. She has been involved in pageant shows such as Miss Tourism World-wide, Mr World-wide, Mrs & Miss Global Universe and Miss Lumiere International Zambia)


She started her fashion brand in 2016 and has since showcased at fashion shows in Paris France, the Zambia Fashion Week, and at Fashion shows in Blantyre-Malawi and Nairobi-Kenya.
Dorcas carried the Miss Zambia-France and the Miss Lumiere International Zambia titles as a model before retiring from the industry in 2018. She was appointed National Director of Lumiere International that same year.

“I’m someone who has always been passionate about fashion and arts. I always knew this was my field but was not sure how i was going to execute it. My mother was a part time tailor so that inspired me to pursue it. As beauty and fashion go hand in hand it has not been difficult to switch roles from model to designer and pageant director.” Dorcas said.
Although she has no one she can refer to as a role model in Zambia, she said there are many super women that I am inspired and encouraged by like Kapasa Musonda, Karen Nakawala, Norena and Wezi. She said, “These are doing exceptional work in the industry and their respective fields.”

Dorcas graduated with a degree from fashion school and the 4 years she spent in Paris taught her alot and she gives so much respect to designers who have been through the same process.
Dorca’s highlights in the industry include working as a model at the Zambia Fashion Week, working for various designers and International brands such as Piettro Bruneli, French Deal, Pierre Talamon etc, but above all working at the Paris Fashion Week which was her first show-case as a designer. She said, “This does not take anything away from my other participations in other countries including my own.” “It has also been an honour to be featured in the Inflight and Nkwazi Magazine respectively.” “Am proud to say am having opportunities to work, partner and meet with high profile individuals as a model and designer because of feauturing for local and international publications aswell as Radio and TV interviews.”
“As a brand we have been in remission, planning for 2020 to launch the brand. Am very excited for the next 3 years, by 2025 Maison D’adriel should be a well established and recognised brand in Africa as Team Lumiere.” She said, “our pageants will be the biggest in Zambia and eventually we will be competing with South African standards, that’s my goal, to aim to grow bigger and better with each year.” Dorcas said.

Dorcas as an individual said the best is yet to come,.”i remember sometimes i would say capital, or sponsors but in reality it comes down to how people think of fashion or beauty. Support is very vital and it does not necessarily need to be finances to bring the required success.”

Dorcas believes the change in mindset of individulas will help elevate the the industry. Every one from designers who she said need to insure they are producing quality garments with quality finishes. With the steady rise in second hand clothing, its a difficult game to play. But the public should understand that supporting local products improves the economy aswell. Dorcas said, “The government should always encourage fashion creativity in the education sector, they should also promote local designers or pageant beauty shows as a whole.”

She also  advises everyone never to give up on their dreams. “Its very easy to give up. As someone who gave up, i had to get up again and realise that i alone must believe in my dream and realise it, It won’t be easy but in the difficult places we learn, we fall but we must get up again. God makes all things possible, it will work for you, Believe it.”



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