iSandi alongside The Muffinz are set to release an EP


iSandi, whose real name is Nokuzola Zoe Makola is expected to release her first EP titled INTYATYAMBO this Friday, 06 May 2022 on all music streaming platforms. The music is characterized by distinctive, easily-remembered melodies, rhythmically influenced by Xhosa and Pedi folk music and harmonically influenced by the western music –  which resulted from being western musically trained. iSandi prefers to classify the genre of music as world music or Afro Experimental as there are evident latin and rock influences in some of the songs. She has made use of certain music elements that would make her African music identity accessible, enabling it to go across different culture tastes around the world.


iSandi’s EP is produced by the award-winning Band in South Africa, The Muffinz, and are supporting this project as a distributor through their record label, Aural Sense.

“I have always been a fan of the Muffinz and to work with them was another experience to another level. It was unbelievably educational and fun. One thing I admire about them is their work ethic, their love and respect for music is what keeps together the group,” shares iSandi.


iSandi began her music career as a music tutor in 2005, and further involved in musical programmes that advocate music education in schools, primarily in various schools of Johannesburg South-Soweto and Eldorado Park to be precise. Having been musically trained at the University of Pretoria, she became a music education specialist who plays various instruments including the recorder, classic guitar, harmonica and piano. In 2021, she decided to focus on her music career full time by composing background music for film, relaxation, medication, yoga, child music, lullabies for babies and ultimately, producing her first EP.


iSandi is an artist who advocates the promotion of music literacy, integration, appreciation and its functionality, reducing the common stereotypes that music only serves for dance purposes within the popular culture.

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