Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts

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Reviewed by Thanos_Alfie  8 / 10

It traveled us back in time…

“Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts” is a TV Special in which we watch some of the cast of the “Harry Potter” franchise celebrating the 20th Anniversary since the release of the first “Harry Potter” movie. There are plenty of interviews and conversations that gives us many insights about the movies.

I enjoyed this TV Special very much and I have to admit that I was expecting it anxiously. The combination of the insights that were presented with the cast interviews and all the information given by them, made us understand and see the “Harry Potter” franchise form a different perspective. I also liked the way the cast members talked about the show and the presentation of many behind the scenes moments along with some emotional moments. The direction which was made by Eran Creevy, Joe Pearlman and Giorgio Testi was simply amazing and they succeed on traveled us back in time and have the same feeling as the first time watching the Harry Potter and his friends walking at Hogwarts. Finally, I have to say that “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts” is an amazing TV show and I highly recommend everyone to watch it, especially all “Harry Potter” fans.

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle  7 / 10


The big three plus others are doing this reunion some 20 years after the first movie. It’s nice that everybody seems to be very nice people. J. K. Has a few comments but she doesn’t interact. It’s just as well. There is no need to inject any of her controversy and it’s about the kids anyways. The adults are also very nice. Helena Bonham Carter is probably the most chaotic and fun. All in all, it’s nice revisiting this franchise. See you at the next reunion.

Reviewed by ops-52535  10 / 10

are you a potter??

Fan, then this will be a very well deserved nightcap, and the best way to incinerate a global ”binge” fever of harry potter nostalgia. Im just a grumpy old man with not more nitwitt than moaning myrtle , i have never been thrilled by the books and were far to old to let my wizardous parts of myself loose, and even though i got lost in the translation in the last 3 films, i do adore the choice of cast that has carried this world of wizardry into our own homes and castles, and just admit that the 3 first films sold me in forever, and my binging night will start pretty asap. I think we will never have a story like this told again made in this way of magic development of filmatographical technology development, if so ,do tell me about it, pretty quickly ,i must say because im a cranky grumpy and very old dumbledoor kind a man with not so much time left, so let me know.

What i can say though with a lumpy throat and stinging eyes from nostalgia, is simple to say, watch this and see to that you dont miss it. And to the producers of this mecca of mystery, try to put together something outta the deleted scenes and stuff, cause thats the real treasure that has never been released yet…

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