Tumisang Nkwe is a serial entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, founder and publisher of an academic publishing company called TANE Education, founder of Bereka Mosadi , an exclusive women’s empowerment seminar. He is also founder of Dese, a new footwear sneaker brand.

HypeMag took some time to chat with the unsung hero also known as TheEntrepreneur.

HM.. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to chat with you. Please tell us more about yourself. Who is Tumisang Nkwe?

TN..I was born and raised in a village called Mokassa but currently live in Taung. I matriculated at Pinagare High School and did my degree in Business Management at Pearson Institute of Higher Learning. Then I achieved a Higher National Diploma in Business Studies with the London School of Business.

I am a serial entrepreneur which means that I am able to turn ideas into business strategies and to run any business successfully.

HM…What inspired you to get into the footwear industry and how did you begin building the Dese brand?

TM… There’s an evolution happening in South Africa, which is seeing many entrepreneurs responding to the surge in demand for locally manufactured sneakers. When going to the gym, work or studying, you put your sneakers on. In my company we say “the journey begins eKasi” .

The inspiration actually arose when the covid-19 pandemic began and TANE Education was affected by the lockdowns. I did my research and found that the shoe industry kept thriving regardless and that is how the Dese brand was born

HM… What would you say to any youth that is aspiring to rise above the unemployment crisis and would love to enter the footwear industry? Are you willing to work with any upcoming shoe designers?

TM…Yes , I would love to work with them in the future.

It’s not easy to get into this industry. It’s very expensive,  it’s not easy and it’s complicated. They will need to have a lot of patience, determination and resilience to make it. But if they put their minds to it they can succeed.

HM…Where can one purchase the Dese sneakers from?

TN… No outlet yet but they can contact me or visit our website.

HM…. You have mentioned TANE Education of which you are the founder.Kindly share more on that.

TN…. It’s a company that publishes study guides for high schools. There are very few black authors of academic books and particularly from eKasi. Most study guides are also unaffordable for the rural communities. So I took the initiative of filling that gap. A student that had used our study guides actually achieved 100% pass and was recognized by the Ministry of Education. Many other kids have also achieved better results through our study guides.

HM… That’s so inspiring! You have authored a book as well titled ” Don’t take your dreams to the grave” Very interesting title. What motivated you to write the book?

TN… We don’t have all the time in the universe at our disposal. Once you are dead, you are gone. A lot of people die with their dreams. Therefore the aim of the book is to inspire people to live out their greatness.

HM…I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on being chosen as SundayWorld Unsung Hero for 2022. Well done for this milestone recognition

TN..Thank you very much!

HM… You have indeed earned it. Beraka Mosadi Seminar is also another amazing thing that you founded. Please share with us about that.

TN… It’s an annual exclusive women’s empowerment seminar that happens every August which is women’s month in South Africa. The pandemic affected the program but I am glad to announce that it’s happening again on the 27th of August 2022.

Women gather from all walks of life and share business ideas as well as uplift one another.

HM… You truly are TheEntrepreneur and in the short time I have got to know a little bit more about your fantastic achievements I have been truly motivated not to take my dreams to the grave. Any closing words of inspiration for all our readers?

TN…. Greatness is invent-ible. Everyone can invent their great.

HM… There we have it. Everyone can invent their great. It’s been an absolute honor to get to know you.

TN… Thank you.

You can connect with Tumisang Nkwe- TheEntrepreneur through the contact details below to purchase the study guides @R200 each, his inspirational book @ R200 per copy, the Dese sneakers and also get more details for the upcoming event, Beraka Mosadi Seminar.

WhatsApp +27789511050

Website -.

Facebook    Dese Footwear

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