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Experience a new high in your sex life with Kush Kush

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Ever considered cannabis as a way to enhance your sexual experiences? The human reproductive organs and sexual tissues, especially the uniquely absorptive tissues of the vulva, vagina and rectum, have many cannabinoid receptors, which is why cannabis can have such an aphrodisiac effect on your sex life.

The way the cannabis plant works, is that it increases the blood flow to these tissues, thereby increasing the level of sensitivity as well as your body’s natural lubricant, which results in an increase in the pleasure felt during sex. This can cause some women to experience orgasms that are profoundly more intense.

Cannabis can also be used to relax your mind and body before sex, allowing you to focus more on foreplay and becoming a more expressive, intimate partner. It also alleviates any chronic discomfort or pain felt during intercourse and decreases anxiety and tension. All of these benefits can be experienced without a high or any psychoactive stimulation.

How so? It’s because the cannabis plant produces both CBD and THC. CBD, which is also known as cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. It is used to alleviate the symptoms of many illnesses and allows patients to cope better with pain. Treating health conditions is only one of its benefits, as CBD can also be useful for overall wellness and can make a positive contribution to a good sex life.

THC on the other hand, is a crystalline compound that is the main psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. When THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is applied directly to any part of the body, it can enhance lubrication, ease discomfort and create a deep, tingly buzz right where you use it.

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CBD and THC are useful for both men and women. In the case of men, they have the potential to assist with erectile dysfunction by helping to repair damaged tissue and increase blood flow to the area where applied. Erectile dysfunction is caused by the process of natural aging, which releases a toxin called dioxin. CBD helps to reverse this process by flushing the toxin from the body, promoting a better sex life and boosting natural energy. When applied topically to the skin, the blood vessels are dilated by the CBD and the THC, and this allows fresh oxygenated blood to flow more freely. This will typically increase the strength of your arousal and the stimulation will feel much greater.

These, and other benefits that cannabis can bring to our sexual experiences, are highlighted by KushKush, which is a canna-centric community that focuses on educating and communicating about previously undefined topics – such as sex and intimacy – in relation to both CBD and THC usage.

To help its followers make informed choices and access a range of safe sexual intimacy products, KushKush carries a sensual CBD Intimacy Oil produced by Kiskanu, which promotes healthy relationships by enhancing pleasure and physical comfort. Comprised of calendula, cold-pressed sunflower, coconut and jojoba oils – which are blended to improve lubrication – it also features sun-grown hemp CBD, which reduces inflammation, relaxes muscle spasms, increases blood flow and enhances sensation. This makes for an easier and more enjoyable exploration with your partner. The oil is available through www.kushkushonline.com.

Most people strive for an enjoyable life and this includes our primal desire to have a healthy, stimulating sex life. Cannabis can assist you in achieving this goal without the use of medical stimulants. Remember that no two people are alike and what may work for you may not work for someone else – the key to the beauty of this journey of sexual self-discovery is to try new things.

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