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Enjoying the Dunka sound with Drimz

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Lota Mandevu, also known as Drimz in the music industry is a multi-award winner. On September 24, 1985, he was born, graduated from kalonga high school in 2002, where he completed his secondary education in Kabwe. Later, from 2005 to 2009, he attended the Then National College for Management Development Studies, where he pursued a Higher Diploma in Information System Studies under IMIS.

Drimz began his professional musical career in 2005, despite declaring his interest in music in 2003. In his quest to become a popular artist, he worked behind the scenes with well-known acts such as K’millian, Mampi, Ty2, and General Ozzy. This gave him more confidence and gave him a better understanding of how the music industry works.

Drimz finally found his footing in the music industry in 2015. He released his first hit single, “Ireen Mambilima,” which received widespread airplay throughout the country. The song gained enormous popularity in the eyes of both ordinary and cooperative people. This eventually helped Drimz become more well-known under his famous tag line “Salt Muli Soupu,” which he later turned into his brand identity.

Other songs that made Drimz even bigger by getting a lot of playback, besides the famous Ireen Mambilima song, are Ama Dance Yamulolo, Mpakafye Ubushiku, which features Chef 187, Mwiloba, Effort Here For You Ft Jemax, and “BA MWANKOLE,” which became an instant hit on the day it was released.

His most recent single, CHI DUNKA, is a high-energy club song. Drimz has a catalog of hit songs that have helped him become a favorite among many music fans both inside and outside of Zambia. Drimz was part of the artist entourage that traveled to the United Kingdom in 2019 to perform for Zambians in the Diaspora on Independence Day.

The Hype Magazine Zambia team sat down with the 35-year-old fiery musician Drimz Mr. MusiQ, of Kalandanya Music Promotions Label.

Hype TeamHow did you develop the name Drimz and the name Bashi Lota for yourself as an artist?

Drimz: Growing up, I used to play with friends, almost all of whom had English names; I was the only one with a traditional name, and they teased me and called me a “dreamer,” obviously because my name Lota was a direct translation. So, when I decided to pursue music, I had to use the same name and just twist it a little to become Drimz. Drimz is an abbreviation for Determine Resolute Inspired Motivated Zeal or Zambian.

My firstborn son’s name is Lota, which is why I’m known as Bashi Lota. I love my kids’ enthusiasm for my music; whenever I release a new song, my litmus test for how far the song will go is how my kids react to it.

Hype Team: What music did you listen to when you were younger?

Drimz: So, I was more of a footballer than a musician when I was younger. I was obsessed with soccer, and my ambition was to become a professional footballer. We used to have variety shows or teen talent shows when I was younger, and I used to mime to a lot of Zambian music by musicians like Winston, Red Linso, Exhile, and K’millian.

Hype Team: What type of message would you like to send out to the public in your songs?

Drimz: My music’s message is centered on life and its experiences. If you listen to my music critically, you will notice that I address issues that affect us on a daily basis. Even when I’m performing a club song, it’s not something out of a fantasy, but rather something out of reality. The inspiration for my music is simply life in general.

Hype Team: Which international artists would like to work with? Do you have plans for collaborations in the future?

Drimz: I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll be able to work with Yemi Alade; I don’t care how old she or I get; I’ll still want to do that collaboration. And I think I’d like to do something with Harmonize from Tanzania in the near future.

Hype Team: Since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, how have you managed to stay relevant in the music industry?

Drimz: Many things have been disrupted as a result of the Corona Virus, including not only our businesses but also our way of life. Coming from an industry that thrives on human interaction and participation, going digital has opened up new opportunities for us in terms of how we do business and, of course, how we make money. It is a well-known fact that social media platform numbers have been soaring since last year, owing to people spending more time on these platforms than actually going out. So, nowadays, many of us are promoting our music on digital platforms that require people to pay for the music; this is how we make money. Aside from the challenge of not physically performing, we are able to make money through virtual concerts, streaming, and downloads.

Hype Team: What’s on your current playlist? Who are you listening to?

Drimz: Because the answer will sound so unfair, this is a very unfair question. I’m constantly listening to Drimz unreleased music and classic Drimz songs. I really enjoy listening to myself. Some may find it strange, but I enjoy listening to my own music, especially when I’m alone. When I’m around other people, I get very uncomfortable when they start playing my music, whether knowingly or unknowingly. When I’m alone, however, I enjoy listening to myself.

For more about Drimz follow him on his social media @

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Twitter: Drimz Official

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