Eminem Will Feature On “LA Originals”

A new documentary “LA Originals” coming on Netflix from April,10 will feature Eminem.
“LA Originals” is focused on photographer Estevan Oriol and artist Mister Cartoon who turned their Chicano roots into gritty art, impacting street culture, hip hop and beyond.

Remember that collage of 50 Cent getting his “South Side” and “50” tattoos done by Mister Cartoon? Or Eminem showing off his fresh mushroom tattoo done, again, by Mr. Cartoon? Estevan Oriol shot that as well as dozens of other iconic shots.

Now he shot this documentary that explores street culture through their eyes as witnesses and contributors. The film also features commentaries from their celebrity clientele including Eminem, Kobe Bryant, Michelle Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Blink-182, Terry Crews and more.

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