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Dynasty Artist, Jennifer Kabwe Banda AKA Jay10

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Happy Birthday to Dynasty’s songbird Jay10 Lioness of the South.

Dynasty artist, Jennifer Kabwe Banda otherwise known as Jay10 is a vocalist and songwriter from Livingstone currently based in Lusaka.
Jay10 was a 2019 Kwacha Music Awards Nominee under two categories- (I) Best Upcoming Artist, (II) Best Southern Province Artist. Jay10 did not, however, win that year but hopes for the best in the years to come.
Jay10 is currently on a study break but will be back with many projects, both local and international. She has recorded songs in a number of genres including RnB, Afro Jazz, Afro Pop, Dancehall and so many more. So watch out for Jay10.


Jennifer discovered and developed her talent when she was 5years old when her music teacher took interest in teaching her how to write songs, finally writing her very first songs in grade three at the age of 7. The songs were about the late president, Mwanawasa and another one about Michael Jackson which stole the hearts of many. Her stage name Jay10 was given to her by a radio DJ in Livingstone after winning a singing competition on the radio at the age of 10. The more she had grown in the industry her name has gradually changed to Jay10 the Lioness of the South.


Jay10’s music career was dormant for a while because she wanted to complete her education at Hillcrest National Technical high school. She then got back to her feet in 2016 when she joined a rap group called Silent Dreamers were she worked as the lead singer. She then moved to Lusaka where her career got brighter. She’s been managed by a few management companies since her move but is currently being managed by Dynasty Dream Entertainment. So far she has worked with Big Bizzy at K-Amy, Ken Dee at Game on exclusives, Swatrabbi at Wavy Multimedia, and many more in Livingstone. She has collaborated with the likes of Chisenga aka Crisis. Mr Swagger is a club Banger as well her hit track ‘Zuba’ ft Kaladoshas. Jay10 is soon to release more collaboration projects including international one’s as she is focused on heading for greatness in the years to come.

ZUBA – Jay10 & Kaladoshas

Jay10 Maria feat G Nako PROD by Mr C.O.G



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