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DREX: Aganist All Odds

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Francis Chulu Aka “Sir” Drex started music when he was 14 years old in New Delhi, India at the American Embassy School (A. E. S) in 1991. He started out as a drummer for a boy rock band. In 1995 his family returned to Zambia. His passion for music continued and in1997 he was introduced to TK of Roma Side Studios, where he learnt digital production. In 2001 Francis Drex was approached by Chali Mulalami aka Chali Bravo about starting up a studio. With just a Yamaha keyboard and an acoustic guitar, that he owned they begun David Sling Studios in Chelstone, which was later renamed Sling Beats.

Sling beats kicked off with the Umfweni Compilation and later went on to produce and release hit albums by K’millian, Mampi, General Ozzy, Kanji, Ty2, Hamoba, and Umfweni Compilation.

Francis shares that around 2008 he begun to experience hearing loss in his right ear due to excessive production work. Soon after this, due to irreconcilable differences Francis Drex and Chali Bravo parted ways. During Drex’s time with Sling Beats he produced songs such as “Ichi Temwiko” and “Shalapo” by K’milian, co-produced “Mukabene” by K’millian, “Nina Ku Pasa Love” by Ty2, “Sunsha Style” by Mampi, “Shelela by Hamooba, “Ba Yaweh by Kanji”, “Laka” by Ozzy General, “Namusanga” by the late Crystal Shaun amongst many others.

He later collaborated with Jonah Banda, Kafwa Chama and Lukundo Siwale to form Uneeq Studios. Under Uneeq he worked with artists like Drimz, the late Crystal Shaun, Krucial, Paul G, Toxiq, Erasto, Thug Child and many more. After completing Drimz’s and the late Crystal Shaun’s album’s, the Label sadly did not materialize.

Despite the hurdles that Francis Drex encountered he did not give up on his passion for music production and in 2012 he started his own production house, H. O. D (House Of Drex). The name H. O. D was coined by a good friend of Francis’, Mr. Akende Munalula.

H. O. D is housed at the same venue as Cake Bwana, off Addis Ababa Drive, on Twikatane road. Over the years, Drex has not only recorded music but has also worked in advertising. Drex has recently worked with artists like Bob Seeker, Mr. Malenge aka Styles MC, 2wice, Ty2, young upcoming rap artist -Tuwalumba aka Tweal and Gospel Artist Tryphena.

The music game has changed tremendously, but Francis Drex has kept himself relevant. Many thought that because of Drex’s hearing challenges, he was out of the game, but Francis Drex is back in the game and is set to release H. O. D. first official release, Nikukonda by Tryphena.

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