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DJ Tabs, AKA The African Mixer.

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DJ Tabs popularly known as The African Mixer for his skills of blending and mixing tunes on the decks, Tabene Mfune Chauke with roots from Malawi, was born and bred in Zambia in a small town called Chililabombwe.



DJ Tabs Started Dj’ing in 1996. He started playing at house parties and later at weddings and corporate gigs . Through dj’ing he promoted himself to become a promoter.
DJ Tabs also has a professional career working in various companies. He has worked in retail and sales then went into IT were he worked in the bank as an IT Specialist and Risk Management. He then branched off and specialised in Information Security which is still his passion.



As a DJ and promoter he gained himself popularity as great Disc Joker and music promoter of all times, helping put some DJ’s and artists on the map. He earned himself big gigs in clubs and Lounges such as Club Montana then Club Moloko, Hash and Harem, Club Sankayi, News Cafe Sandton, News Cafe Malibongwe and Bushveld Pub & Grill, to mention but a few.


DJ Tabs is a now Businessman who co-owns @Mix Lounge and still doing sets when required. He plans to expand club @MIX Lounge in other cities and in countries like Zambia and Malawi.



Instagram – Theafrianmixer
Facebook – DjTabs Chauke

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