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David Gitau, Stage Name Bean Oggy A Kenyan Artist On The LimeLight.

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Bean Oggy was born in 1996  in a Small village known as Githurai 45 in Kenya. Him and his brother were raised by a single mom. At  high school he developed a passion of art  in Nairobi, from then on he started creating  art and fashion photography. His aim is to inspire young and old artists in Kenya and willing to help were he can and change their way of thinking and dress code. He has managed to dress some big artists  in Kenya such as Masauti, Ex Ray , Royal Media Services Tv hosts e.t.c.

His inspiration is from the Gauteng lifestyle Magazine were he saw a couple of Kenyan artists being featured. He also had a chance to feature in some Magazines in Kenya i.e the Buzz and Daily’s people gazette. His dreams and visions are to dress more artists globally, open his own clothing line and maybe a Fashion & Art School.

Bean Oggy’s word to the world is ” I think people who are creative are the luckiest people on Earth” He knows that there are no shortcuts, but you must keep your faith in something greater than you and keep doing what you love.


IG- bean_oggy . Facebook Bean Gitau Oggy, Twitter @beanbeanizy1.

Email – beanizyb@gmail.com

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