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Chris Wado Zambian Artist Based in South Africa.

by DaKrazy DjChilu
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After more than 10 years of doing music and finally producing his first album, Wado refers to himself as a ‘born creator’. “I am a creator, not really goal-driven but through being an artist, in my art I have learnt to create my own flow and pace, therefore, making it easy to realise my personal achievements.

“By doing so, I am not forced to conform to societies ideals, I do not feel pressured by failing to reach my goals but rather take each step as part of a process.”

Growing up, he was inspired by his late brother who was also a musician and part of a band which played traditional music. “I used to join my brother’s band for rehearsals and be on the sidelines and just vibe to their music as they practice. Through that, I got a chance to learn how to play instruments such as the bass guitar and keyboard and from then on, I knew I had fallen in love with music.”

Wado added that after realising his love for music, he started looking for a recording studio. He recorded his first song but it did not meet his expectations. “I was forced to change the vision I had in mind to meet the producer’s standards.”

That was when he decided to get some music producing software and learn how to make ‘beats’ and produce his own music.
Wado added that the road has not been all smooth, “When you are up and coming there are so many difficulties, no one is willing to give you a shot or even just airplay, be it at clubs or on the radio.
“So like many other artists who have made it big, I started distributing my own music on CDs, giving them to my fellow schoolmates and people in my community, just so people can hear what I can do.

“In October 2019, I managed to complete my first album titled ‘The Real’ which is I produced with no features and independently released on most major distributors.”

Wado said that the lead song on the album is Banana which he will soon release a video for. “Besides that I am looking forward to re-realising a deluxe edition of ‘The Real’ thus collaborating with local musicians, adding a few new tracks to it and also working on visuals for it.”

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