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Cardi B Sick But It Is Not Coronavirus

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One of America’s most sought-after rappers, Cardi B was taken to the hospital earlier this week after she suffered stomach pains.

Cardi B announced to her fans through an Instagram Live session that she had been feeling sick but thankfully has not contracted the coronavirus.

With a wrapped towel around her head, and a face mask on with a pair of shades, the rapper said: “I was weighing at least 130 (pounds) and now I’m back to weighing 124 (pounds) Like literally I weigh 124 because I was throwing up my f__king life away, man.”

“Yesterday, I was on Twitter, right, and one of my fans asked me, ‘Oh, why you haven’t gone on live?’ And I told her like, ‘Yo, I went to the hospital . I was sick,” she continued.

“And then today my publicist hit me up like, ‘Oh, I just wanted to tell you like ain’t nothing coronavirus-related or something.’ Thank God,” she added.

Referencing her hit remix based on her previous Instagram rant on coronavirus, she said: “I been telling y’all though that this f__king was real.”

“That video that went [expletive] super-viral, I told y’all, ‘Coronavirus! It’s getting real!’ I told y’all it was gonna get real! I know I said it in a funny way, but I knew it was gonna get real!”

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