Business man, Sandy Gasekoma starts a record label!

The record label owner is part of large holding groups which are inclusive of a production house and is more than excited to be venturing into other media fields.

Sandy has a passion for music and has always loved the production aspect of it, however is more interested in the business side of music, which is why he decided to venture into the music business and thus starting a record label. Before the development of Moruo Records, Sandy worked at an independent label for five years, so to say experience has met passion.

The record label owner believes that cost production and proper utilization of resources is key in ensuring ones success, especially in the music business.

Sandy Gasekoma draws business inspiration from all his life experiences in the corporate world as well as his hunger to achieve good results from himself and those around him. “We live in a tough world and we need to be just as tough to succeed.” Said Sandy Gasekoma.

For more information and news on Sandy Gasekoma follow on Instagram @sandy_gasekoma
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