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#BlackOutEid​: Young Black Muslims Shine as They Celebrate Eid

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Young Black Muslims have found creative ways to celebrate community and share their best Eid looks, even as they #StayAtHome defeating the coronavrius.
Eid Mubarak to our Muslim fam! Thursday last week May the 23 RD Eid al-Fitr, marked the official end of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

This year has been a little different due to the current pandemic but this hasn’t stopped many from finding creative ways to fast, pray and connect with their community during these times. It certainly hasn’t stopped young Black Muslims from participating in the virtual tradition known as #BlackOutEid while they continue to #StayAtHome.

#BlackOutEid is an annual celebration which highlights the diversity within the Muslim world. It began in 2015 when Aamina Mohamed created the hashtag to combat the erasure of Black people within the community. Since then, the hashtag has been used across social media platforms with Black Muslims using it to share their sharpest Eid looks.

“For me, #BlackoutEid has been a rare opportunity to engage with my faith without the burden of separating or mitigating my blackness,” wrote Nena Beecham as she reflected on the movement last year for Al Jazeera. “Although my participation in #BlackoutEid was purely digital, it made up for the lack of healthy and supportive relationships I had faced in other communities. I felt connected to a larger black Muslim community that was invested in both my joy and the appreciation of my blackness.”

The feeling of connection is even more important this year, given that the physical congregation is rightfully restricted. Nonetheless, folks in the community are seeking out new ways to foster connections. Whether it’s enlisting a sibling for an at-home shoot, heading to the garden for beautiful scenic shots, or capturing striking self-portraits and selfies indoors, many have found ways to shine through it all.

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